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Touch and Communication

Touch and Communication uses objects placed or moved along the body to support with increased body awareness, and supports with communication by allowing you to observe likes and dislikes, your child's ability to ask for more, tell you to stop and make choices between stimuli. 

If your child asks you to stop at any point please honour that wish for a short time. Introduce the stimuli again and see whether they can tolerate it again. 


This session works best when you have access to as much skin as possible. If it is warm enough to work with your child in only their vest and pad this would be most beneficial.


Each track of music has one or two objects to use whilst the track plays. 


*We do not own the rights to this music*


1. Cold and Squishy

Choose from cold objects (fridge packs, playdoh, ice). Squish them onto the skin. 

Foreigner - Cold As Ice (Official Music Video).mp3

2. Different wind speeds

Choose from folded paper fans or bubbles. 

Fanning/blowing onto different parts of the body. 

Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (Official Audio).mp3

3. Fluffy and soft

Choose from a feather duster or handfuls of small feathers. 

Rub the duster up and down the skin, feel the feathers drop and land on the body.


4 Gentle

Choose between two different coloured silk scarves. 

Move all over the body, side to side, up and down and fast and slow. 

Use the material to lift feet, knees or hands. 

Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers.mp3

5. Rhythm

Use chopsticks or fingers to tap on different body parts like you are playing a piano. 

Apply different pressure, allow children time to respond, to ask for more, withdraw etc

'Cups' Tap Dance - Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) @ChrisRiceNY.mp3

6. Rest

Wrap in blankets. Encourage choice of either being tightly wrapped or loosely to decrease/increase pressure. Place your hands comfortingly on top of the blanket whilst establishing eye contact. 

Lola's Lullaby.mp3