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Create a mud picture

At home you could explore different materials that can stain things brown to create your own mud picture. 

You might have some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that you could use to create your pictures. 

Wet your tea bags, mix up your coffee or chocolate to make a bit of a paste and then explore in your own way to make a muddy picture. 


You could also try exploring gloopy things like cornflour and water mixed with a bit of cocoa powder to represent mud. It will be gloopy and slimy!


If you have mud at home you could explore this in your hands. What do you think when it is dropped  on your hands? Can you move the mud with your hands? Do you prefer it on your feet? What does it feel like? 

Make Your own Ice Paint

How to Make a Grass Head

How to make a grass head.
As you create this allow the children time to explore all the different elements that are used to create the head.

Creating a snow scene and a grass scene


In your home learning packs you received before half term you were provided with resources to create a snowy scene and a grassy scene using different collage materials. 


Both activities use the same concept. These instructions apply whether creating swishy swashy grass, or swirling whirling snowstorms.

  1. Take the green collage materials/shredded paper and place on a shallow baking tray
  2. Allow your child time to explore. Leave any materials that fall from the tray where they are.
  3. When your child has finished exploring remove the tray.
  4. Using some pre-glued paper, lift the materials that your child has chosen using the glued paper.
  5. Once finished admire the art you have created together.
  6. You can try this activity a number of times – what other body parts could you explore with to create your pictures?


If your child struggles with movement you may find that holding the tray above the glued paper works better. Moving the tray away when your child has selected something.

Creating Sculptures

Still image for this video
In this video you will learn to create two different sculptures with different textures. You can explore these with your hands and feet with your family.
Can you make independent movements to find out more about the stimuli as you explore? Which one is your favourite texture?
We have shared a piece of music by Debussy below that you might like to use as you explore your sculptures with your family.

Debussy - Claire de Lune

We do not own the rights to this music

Painting with cars

Using any vehicles you may have in your home, can you encourage your children to push the vehicles across a page (once covered in paint). 

You may wish to adapt this activity if your children struggle to push, by attaching some string to the vehicle so that when they move their hands/arms, they can pull the vehicle across the page. 

You could also adapt the activity by placing the vehicles at the top of a homemade ramp covered in paper - your children will need only to knock the vehicle to make marks on the paper.




Cleaning Vehicles - At the carwash!

Once you have got your vehicles messy with paint, you could involve your children in supporting with the clean up process. 

Using soapy water encourage your children to support you with the cleaning - look at what your children do with the water - what happens if you use warm water? what happens if you use cold water? Do their reactions vary? Do they have a preference?


You could play this music whilst you play:

Car Wash