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Balloon Games


Balloon Keep It Up - Everyone has a balloon and has to try to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible. This can be made more difficult by having children only use one hand or using a body part or having both hands behind their back.


Hot Potato - Have one balloon between yourself and your child and have some music playing. The aim for the children is to keep the balloon up in the air but to tap it up quickly to avoid being caught as the last child to touch the balloon once the music is stopped. You could change this game to make the children ‘freeze when the music stops’ and hope the balloon doesn’t fall down on them (children are not allowed to move even if the balloon is coming their way). Add more balloons to the game


Balloon Finger Balancing - Have your child try to balance a balloon on their finger for as long as possible


Balloon Volleyball - this can be played with just two of you, in your front room for example. Set up a modified volleyball field with a halfway line marked out. A team starts with the balloon and hits the balloon across the halfway line into the other team’s territory, just like a volleyball game. The other team needs to avoid letting the balloon touch the ground and have to get it back over the halfway line. Modify the rules to suit the children and the space you are in. A good rule is to have each team have three players touch the balloon before it is hit back over the halfway line


Balloon Basketball Shooting - Have a basket, a ring, or bucket somewhere and have your child line up trying to ‘shoot’ their balloon into the designated goal


Balloon Blowing - Have your child try to blow a balloon from one end of the room to the other


Balloon Race - Have teams - the aim is to get the team from one point to another as quickly as possible. The first player in each team blows their team’s balloon. Where ever the balloon lands, the next person moves to that spot and tries to blow the balloon a little further. Where that balloon lands is where the next person starts. This keeps going until a team can get past the designated finish spot. This game could be done by tapping the balloon with your hand or kicking with your foot



Circuit Stations



Setting up an outdoor circuit with hoops/hurdles/cones – set up a square formation – one edge is hurdles, one edge is hoops to jump over, one edge is cones to zig zag around, one edge is just a jog


Gymnastics stations – Set up various stations such as hoops, rhythmic ribbons, balls, beams, vaults, low bar or high bar, long mat for floor sequences, skipping ropes, balancing area. Make sure you set this up considering safety/age groups/numbers


Aerobic exercise stations – Have stations with basic aerobic type exercises such as leg curls, high knees, star jumps, scissor jumps, jump squats, lunges


Body Balance Awareness stations – Make up cards showing different body poses/balances and help your child move around the room, attempting the various poses. Could have more than one on each task card (i.e. have four on each card). Have some partner balances.


Hoops stations – Have station doing hula hoops, station walking the dog with hoop, station spinning hoops on arms or legs, station skipping with hoops, station spinning hoops on the ground, station rolling hoops or station throwing hoop and catching. Could also have stations that partners can move through together (i.e. throwing hoops to a partner, rolling hoops to a partner)


Skipping rope stations – Have stations with various skipping rope skills


Football stations– Stations can be done in pairs and can involve trapping, kicking, heading, and using the opposite leg. Can also involve dribbling the football around cones or to designated areas.



Flash cards for fitness activities    These could be kept in different rooms and accessed each time you enter one, or simply used at different times of the day…    …Be sure to model these Mums and Dads!



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Yoga Video Lessons


Please follow the link below, for free yoga video lessons that children (with Autism and without) can practise at home.

The lessons are simply structured, easy to follow and to teach, as well as safe, highly engaging and great fun. You don't need to have any yoga knowledge or experience to do this. 

The lessons consist of THREE short animated videos, you can download them all from the the link.

Feel free to stop, start, freeze, go back, fast forward at any point…and revisit time after time, after time; there by reinforcing the activities which, we know, with children on the spectrum, is key.