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Lady Zia Wernher School promotes achievement for all our pupils through the provision of a broad, balanced and relevant themed creative curriculum, focusing on the development of the Key Skills of Communication, Cognition, Social, Motor and Life skills.


The curriculum is highly differentiated through the provision of a multisensory topic themed approach, to ensure the content and delivery is relevant, motivating and engaging. This ensures all pupils are able to access learning opportunities and to be indepedant and active in their learning, supported by staff who have the relevant training and are motivated to promote pupil development.


The curriculum incorporates the whole school day. Learning opportunities are sought through daily routine of the school, including focused activities, snack and lunch times and acts of daily living including dressing, feeding etc. It is acknowledged that learning happens everywhere, the use of outside play areas and visiting the local community, help bring their learning to life as they encounter a variety of environments and use their skills in the real world.


Teaching, Learning & Assessment Policy