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Code of Conduct



Lady Zia Wernher school is committed to:

· Partnerships with parents*

· Creating safe environments for pupils, staff and parents

· Modelling appropriate behaviour for our pupils

· Responding to parental concerns with professionality, open-mindedness, equality and     equity

· Our values of respect, independence, passion and creativity


Behaviour that will not be tolerated includes:

· Swearing, use of offensive discriminative language

· Aggression (verbal or written) towards a child or adult

· Abusive  and defamatory messages or posting about the school, staff or any members of the community on social media platforms.

· Use of inappropriate behaviour or physical punishment against any child whilst on school premises.

· Threatening and intimidating activity

· Smoking, drinking alcohol (unless prearranged for a specific event) , possessing or taking drugs (including legal highs) on the school premises


Potential school responses if code is breached:

· School will gather information from all involved in the incident.

· Follow up with letter of action

· Invite parent to meet with Senior staff

· Inform local authority, police, social care

· Ban parents from school

· Final decision for how to respond rests with the Head Teacher

· Inform school governors


This guidance based on protocol from School’s Violence & Aggression policy




*parents refers to anyone with parental responsibility or anyone caring for child (relative, child minders, shared carer)