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Testimonials - Outreach


 “A great provision, which has definitely helped with the setting up of our unit. Thank you”.

Surrey Street Primary School


“The strategies modelled and shared with 1:1 staff (positive touch and redirection, identifying micro signals) were useful in addressing some of the challenging behaviours.  Boosted the confidence of staff and they used the strategies successfully in managing behaviours.”

Leagrave Primary School


“The speed with which the visit was arranged once contact had been made, the advice given was very helpful and the reassurance that we have been doing the right thing.”

Chantry Primary School


“Practical ideas that we can implement in school and put in place for the children in our school with complex needs. Thank you so much – Nicola spent a long time getting to know the school, pupils and had a great understanding of what we were looking for and what we needed in order to move forward with our provision.”

Crawley Green Infants School


Testimonials - Makaton Training Course


“Great tutor – Very engaging”


“The delivery of the course was amazing, fantastic tutor.”


“Lots of Practical and examples, interactive and fun.”


“The Makaton course was well taught with lots of practice.”