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COVID Catch Up Premium

COVID Catch Up Funding 2020/2021


Autumn Term Actual - £6,300, Spring Term Actual - £10,780, Summer Term Estimate - £10,500 = Total £27,580


Covid Catch Up Funding has been allocated to schools to support children to catch up on missed learning caused by the coronavirus. In particular, to support the most vulnerable pupils and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been most effected.

The allocation for the academic year 2020/21 will be used in the following ways:


AllocatedIntent                                        ImplementationImpact
£4,300Intensive interaction is a communication approach aimed at developing interaction and communication abilities between children (with communication needs) and adults and the people in their environment.Teacher attending Intensive Interaction training course over 18 months.

Teacher will lead school in INSET to understanding and use of non verbal communication e.g. attention and listening, eye contact, turn taking.

An increasing understanding and use of the fundamentals of meaningful verbal communication.

Enabling pupil voices at all levels.

£5,532Enhancing the provision of music in the school therefore improving the culture capital within the school. Music is a medium that offers opportunities to communicate with their world around them. To make choices and communicate their needs. To offer pupils with complex behaviour de-escalation spaces. Development of group skills - turn taking, sharing, listening.

To employ a Music Therapist to do 5 sessions every Tuesday.

Music Therapy can include listening to music or creating music with instruments of all types. It may also involve singing or moving to music.

Improve pupils responses and connection to music, to encourage positive changes in mood and overall mental well-being.

It can help improve confidence, communication skills, independence, self-awareness and awareness of others and concentration and attention skills.

£3,549Education Psychologist support for school and parents.

The school has bought into the LBC Education Psychologist service level from April 21 to March 22.

Offering parent/ school workshops and 1:1 support.

Inset training.

Improved parent/ school partnerships.

Improved pupil attendance.

Improved behaviour planning and de-escalation strategy and implementation.

£10,799Specialist room creation and refurbishment.Enlarge library, decrease IT office space and create a large adaptive music room.

Improved access for whole classes to attend specialist rooms.

Creating a for space immersive story telling with IT input for whole class to access.

Accessible resource space to improve classroom practice.

£1,000Bamboozle Theatre Company - their approach uses a range of behaviour and linguistic strategies to create engaging and interactive experiences for learning with disable children and young people.All pupils to attend performance.

Pupils have opportunity to express their voice in their time.

Professionals model excellence to inspire staff, improve teaching and learning in the classroom. "Having the freedom to teach pupils on the way they need to learn." - Teacher comment.

£2,400Provide resources for remote learning packs.£150 was given to each class to purchase resources.

Families received excellent resource packs to engage in online learning.

Reducing pressure on parents to 'find resources'.

Pupils working with familiar resources and lessons in a different setting creating improved engagement levels. Creating a sense of recognition.