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Welcome to out Topic page.

Here you will find videos and activities to support subjects such as:

* Science

* Geography

* Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)


This Spring term we are looking at JOURNEYS. The first one we make is to SPACE with Baby Bear in his home made rocket.

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring:


Packing suitable clothes to go to a COLD moon- differentiating between what is suitable to wear in cold weather. Children had the opportunity to pack a bag and sort clothes into different categories. See attached learning prompts and printouts.

2. Science.

Looking at cold and hot objects and understanding the concept of cold and hot being opposites. You will have something in your next home pack to support this learning. 

3. Geography

Naming and categorising vehicles: how they move, how they are built and what different environments they are used. See our YouTube video to explore more. 



Still image for this video
Aga chooses healthy foods to pack in her bag. You can see the Makaton signs for: healthy and picnic
Aga looks surprised at the end of the video... don't worry. Her computer had a glitch.

Vehicle Sounds for Children - Vehicle Sound Effects to Learn Names and Sounds of Different Vehicles

This educational video will teach your child the names and sounds of different vehicles.

Packing a suitcase to the MOON

Still image for this video
Aga and Monkey are showing what to pack to wear during a fly to the COLD moon.


Still image for this video
Aga explores the concept of COLD- shows different cold objects and concepts. Then Aga makes a HOT cup of tea to show the opposite.


Still image for this video
Science lesson where Aga shows light up objects. She also uses Makaton signs for these two key words.