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External providers

Here you will find links to other sources of support for you and your children over the time we are learning from home. 


Sensory Projects  COVID19 list

Joanna Grace from the Sensory Projects has provided a list of educational resources that may support families throughout this period of time. 

You can find the list here:

The Sensory Projects also produce a range of sensory stories available to purchase for £14 each. They will support you to tell your child a story using resources that can be easily sourced. We used the Magi in school over Christmas and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning using this medium.


Making SENse Creative Services

This facebook page is full of wonderful sensory art activities that you might wish to try with your family. 




Greenside School


Here Greenside have a range of activities that you might like to try at home with your children. They use a range of items from around the home, as well as some more specialist items that you might need to purchase. 

Take a look at the videos and maybe give some of the activities a try.