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We are going to be making space sounds... using everyday objects.

What does a clonking dish remind you of? 

How about running a bath? 

What if you had a balloon that popped? 

Try to make your own SPACE SOUND. 

Moon Song Lockdown Project 04 Rocket Song

Rocket Song, created as part of The Bamboozle Moon Song Lockdown ProjectPerformed by:Amy WhittleBen MooresChristopher DaviesDavid HatelyNaomi Sparrow ...

Honeysuckle Class – Music/ICT

Here are two great, interactive musical instruments for the children to access. You can use hand over hand to support their use of a mouse at the computer.


Please refer to the ‘Music Patterns’ PowerPoint, if you feel the children would respond to simple rhythms.

Interactive Music

Soundabout is an organisation that has live sessions at 2 pm Tuesday and Saturday then they store each session on youtube to be accessed at any time.

Soundabout tv session 12: Will Taggart  ( you can get this up on your smart tv’s just type this into youtube)             


It is an interactive session for the entire family all siblings will enjoy this too.

You will need:

A scarf or something to enable you to hold on together

fan something to make a breeze,

The shakers that you made,

Drums or a box/container to bang

Some noisy treasure, which can be coined in a tub.


Note: Have fun it starts at 4mins 35 into the recording as he explains what you need to get together. Its approx. 30minutes long. - In this video, the Bamboozle Theatre Company perform 'The Moon Song'. - 'Rain Rain' song. As the weather turns this week, this song should helped to cheer up those dark, dull days. It has has 4 different elements to it. All elements are performed simultaneously by one artist.