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 Hello to you all ,


If you haven't already seen Eirian Reese Jones ( Music Therapist) has has put on an activity which you can do at home with you child. Have a look and enjoy. See below for more activity suggestions. 

 With regards


 Hello  to you all,

I hope you are all not only staying safe and well  but finding things to do with the children . Richard Hirstwood has put some activity ideas on YouTube you can access and share with all you children who are at home with you.Next week is the official half term for children and might mean a welcome break from home tutoring. Have a look at them siblings might be able to share these activities .  


Container Sensory from Les Stave.

Nick Sheffield and toilet roll projection 

Sensory spinning tops. 





 Hello to you all,

hope you are well and safe. Please see below ,how  to make a snake bubbles .Great fun for children and adults. I know your children would like to feel and see them as they grow  and as rainbows seem to be a theme why not use food colouring and make them even prettier. 


have fun 


Snake Bubbles


  If you have not already seen on the school website you might want to see


Therapeutic Dance - Nicky Frewin -Lady Zia Wernher School .







Kate Collings has forwarded this information which might be of interest to you :


LOOK UK is working with Sense and Guide Dogs to hold an event for parents and carers of VI children with complex disabilities.

During this session, we will discuss the challenges that parents/families are experiencing as a result of lockdown - the impact of a child's loss of routine, losing a support network, parent carers having to take on full time caring roles, and families who have lost a lot of respite and face to face support because of Covid-19.

Along with our expert panellists, we will offer a support network and community, and will share relevant resources and sources of practical help.

This webinar will be hosted on Zoom and joining instructions will be sent after registration.


Please register to attend by using the following link:


Best wishes,


Kate Collings QTVI

Visual Impairment Provision Leader, Chantry Primary Academy

Visual Impairment Outreach Teacher for 0 – 11 years in Luton.


Home learning Activities 

Clover Class




We are really missing you here at school. 

Here is a story that you can use at home with your family about the seaside. The music mentioned in the document is in videos below. 


Parents NB – This has been adapted from the sensory experience which we would have carried out at school hopefully you can find these resources at home. Videos for music can be found below, click and play, as children are introduced to sensory experiences, pages can be missed out or resources replaced with what you can find at home. Enjoy this experience with you children.   

Seaside experience

Adult’s suggested  words


Resources/ Actions



1: Introduction: At the seaside


Adult lead-


  ‘’It’s time to go to the sea who would like to come with me?’’ Leave silent gap and wait for child’s responses. Affirm any sound or movements the children makes saying their name e.g.

‘’ Fred you made a sound and smiled … I know you are ready to come to the sea.’’










1:Introduction: At the seaside


Lead adult -put on video /sounds Oxygen Jean micheal Jarre


Lead adult –watch child’s responses while music plays introduce bowl and water, jug, watering can, towel  make different sounds with items found at home to pour water, splash. Give opportunities for child to hear feel have interaction with water poured on to hands when hands placed into bowl. Copy sound and action child makes e.g. if they splash you splash, if they withdraw, if they make sound you copy etc.


NB: play music as long as child shows interest responses as appropriate then turn off and say words on next ‘page’.


2: Waves   


Adult Lead  -






The waves can be rough ,calm, high and low

When in and under the sea the waves are fast and slow.’

2:  Waves


Adult support-


Put on -Ocean Song


 As the words (left) are said carry out corresponding actions with the blue tarp, space blanket (because they make a good sea sounds) or a blue sheet or other material.  To waft   material to music


NB- two persons will enable material to be wafted in a wave action over child’s head to as if child is in, under the water .Give opportunity for all children to feel what it’s like to be under the waves / sea. Make waves go up and down, faster, slower, to the words left as music plays. Repeat words to reinforce high, low fast, slow etc. Water could be sprayed whilst music plays (Water sprayer.) Note all children’s communication responses e.g. anticipation, stop/reject, more, like dislike etc.   

3: Water.


Adult Lead  -


‘At the seaside at the sea

Let’s have fun yippee, yippee!!’

(Use excited, enthusiastic, over the top tone to relate the fact that it is great to be beside the seaside.)

3: Water.


Put on – video/ sound of the sea and gulls

NB: opportunities for fun water play; splash with feet and hands, in trays ,with  water sprayers, fish in the water to find hold (if appropriate ) sponges ,flannels to suck, wipe over face, sea weed  to smell ,feel, taste; lick mouth (supervise )etc.   


Adult support- to introduce stimuli from choice available (as suggested above.) use intensive interaction techniques to copy responses made by child/ren. Supervise water play and smaller resources for those who mouth. 

Resources- water, water tray, flannels, water sprayers, sea weed.  


4: Sand.


Playing at the beach and in the sand

Bury shells, stones, feet and hands.’

4: Sand

Adult Lead -

Put on – Beach music, surfing, waves


Adult support- introduce sand in tray ,or on table, or on floor on tarp or beach mat etc. As above support adults respond to children’s communications; actions, facial expressions, sounds body movements using intensive interaction techniques. Bury hands feet. Music lasts 17 minutes. Time to experience hot/ cold dry sand or cold, wet, sand, making sandcastles or turn off music as appropriate. 

Suggested resources- sand moulds, buckets, spades, shells, seaweed, rakes/forks, wet or dry sand, sea creature to find, seaweed, stones, pebbles, shells, pin wheels, flags etc.



5: Fun  and games at the seaside  



Adult lead-

 ‘ We’re at the beach  it’s time for fun

 Fun and games for everyone.’ 





5: Fun and games seaside  


Adult Lead -Put on



Adult support encourage children to coactively play with ball etc.

Suggested resources: assorted sized beach balls, inflatables, wet sponge throwing, seaside skittles, and kite. Any type of game played Ice lollies or frozen orange ice cubes, ice cream etc. 

6: At the end of the day at the seaside

Adult lead-


‘At the end of the day we all feel tired and slow

 It’s time to rest and time to go.’


6: At the end of the day at the seaside


 Adult lead .

 Put on – relaxing video /music to calm and finish. (See below.)




Adult support quietly sit with children responding only to sound action facial expressions your child makes. Massage body, hands and feet to relax and calm down.


The end







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