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Good morning to you all, I  hope you are safe and are all well .

Please use the links from Singing Hands below, to share the signed stories with your children .You can sign along with them.


This link below is a song linked to the terms topic. (In the garden )


Have fun


 Hello everyone,

here is an idea which can be used in future activities to warm up. Make your child a ribbon wand  to encourage  fine motor movement and to help warmup ,stretch and exercise. Tie onto a stick ( smoothed for safety which could be found in the garden ) lengths of ribbon. Small bells could also be fixed so that when your child grasps, holds and moves their hands and arms they can hear it ring . For some children support can be given initially and then gradually withdrawn so that they may hold it independently .


Happy music and dancing  

Washing hands to funny music

Good day to you all. In clover class the children have become very familiar with washing their hands everyday on arrival into school to this music the children have begun to smile and recognise this .Please feel free to share this with them and wash their hands so you all can join in with a Clover Class routine at home. Have fun

02 Find a Little Seed.mp3

Good  Morning,

 I have deleted the winter story as there seems to be a glitch in part one and there is no sound .Many apologies. However,  I will send you all the whole video through WeTransfer so that you can share it with your children anytime you would like.