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Welcome to our Topic page.

Here you will find videos and activities to support subjects such as:

* Geography

* Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

This Spring term we are looking at JOURNEYS. The first one we make is to SPACE with Baby Bear in his homemade rocket.

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring:


Packing suitable clothes to go to a COLD moon- differentiating between what is suitable to wear in cold weather. Children had the opportunity to pack a bag and sort clothes into different categories. See attached learning prompts and printouts.

2. Geography

Naming and categorising vehicles: how they move, how they are built, and what different environments they are used in. See our YouTube video to explore more. 

Hello Honeysuckle Class


Today is a special day, so I thought it would be nice to have a little topic lesson.


Today is ‘BURNS DAY’ the 25th of January.


What is it about, briefly?

Scottish people all over the world will be having fun today celebrating. A very long time ago, 259 years ago on this day in 1759, a Very special man was born, called Robert Burns, the son of a farmer. He wrote lovely poems, his first one was for all the local girls, a love poem, he was a very amorous young man. He is Scotland’s national poet.

So for all your Scotts out there or anyone who just likes to party, put on your kilts and cook up some haggis.

This is a traditional dish made from the stomach of a sheep, which is then stuffed with oatmeal, onion, and spices. Well not sure about you, but I don’t fancy that, so we are going to make Shortbread biscuits.

Look forward to eating our biscuits at raising a cup of tea to ‘Robert Burns’.






It's snowing! The winter weather is here. We hope you'll enjoy some walks in the silky white snow. Have you managed to build a snowman yet? Did you explore snow in your garden or park? How did it feel? Send us pictures of your snowy play. We would love to see them!




This week we will be thinking about rockets and how people travel into space. 

In our story 'Whatever next' baby bear builds a rocket out of a box. Have you tried to build a rocket at home? What did you use? Send us a picture through our class email. If you haven't made one yet, don't worry; you will find ideas on our page below. 




We will be thinking about how we travel and how different vehicles move. What types of vehicles do we use? Do they have wheels or do they fly? If you have toy vehicles at home, have a look at how they move. Push them forwards and backwards. Can they go up and down? If your child is a reader and begins to recognise simple familiar words, you can try this activity... Word and object matching. Print the cards and place toys next to them. 

On Friday in school, for Topic we were learning about the Chinese New Year.

We made lots of exciting things, such as masks, dragons and in cooking we made stir fry and chow mien.

Below are some things for you to do at home if you would like. 

Today in school we talked about Valentines Day and why we celebrate it on the 14th of February. We made cards and decorated biscuits.