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Please find below, some further fun activities that can be completed at home.


Computing Ideas

Activities for tablets

  • Doodle Maths
  • Mouse Maze (good for fine motor work)
  • ‘Cut the rope’ (good for fine motor work)
  • Awesome Xylophone
  • iTrace - Handwriting for Kids
  • Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words
  • Tozzle -Toddler’s favourite puzzle


Computer based activity

  • The ‘Purple Mash’ programme is available to use at home and has some great educational games particularly in the Mini Mash section.  To access this load up Chrome and then put Purple Mash into the search engine. You can register as a parent. Purple Mash are providing a free service at the moment.


Links to Useful Websites

Copy and paste these into the search bar

  • Great resource website called Twinkl this link shows resources for children specifically on the autistic spectrum but could be used with most:


  • ‘Clap it’ song by Bari Koral – This is an action song that the children use every day, they love it, this would be a great way to start the day and incorporate some exercise:


  • The wiggles – there are lots of clips on youtube and they tend to be educational so if the children are on phones and tablets more try some of these: