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Good morning, everyone!


Clover Class have recommended a fantastic shortbread recipe that they followed last week. There are only 3 ingredients and you can make these by hand if you don't have a food mixer, and make small balls and squash them flat by hand if you don't have a rolling pin or cutters.


The children loved adding their favourite smell to the recipe out of a choice of 3 and rolling the dough with help and choosing the cutters. Ideas for different flavours are in the recipe.


Wishing you a merry Christmas!


Snowdrop Class Team

Christmas Shortbread Recipe


Snowdrop Class

Hello! We hope you and your family are safe and well.

Snowdrop Class is closed today but please help your child learn by engaging them using the learning packs sent home or activities from this webpage.

Don't forget to send us photos of you hard at work smiley

Physio Workout

Jack & Jill | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs


Jelly On A Plate

Next: Physio Targets.

  1. Physio exercises (you should have a copy of your child's physio programme, so please follow it).
  2.  Use standing frames, wear your AFOs and hand splints (if required).
  3. Use a walker (if required) or walk with parent's support, go out for a short walk, either inside your home or outside (weather permitting).Please adapt these requirement according to your child's ability.


When you have finished relax on the floor as you listen to a relaxing music of your choice. I f you do not have a preferred calming music, try this link.


go on YouTube, type calming music and choose one which your child's likes.


Story Time

The Witch's Cat by Kirstie Watson I Read Aloud I Children's books about magic




                               Cognition and Fine Motor Skills


I have carefully chosen all activities below, to help Snowdrop class children, practise their cognition and fine motor skills and make positive progress while learning at home.

The expected learning will be to develop hand-eye coordination, develop cognition skills and encourage independent engagement for an extended period of time.


these activities can be created out of all recyclable (Junk) materials found at home. Parents or siblings can get involved in creating these activities and support pupils practise their learning targets.


Please note, there many activities for you and your child to explore during the next two weeks, so please do not feel like you have to do them all at once. Take your time, and explore them at your child's pace. Most of all have fun with your learning.




Sensory- Non Messy Play

These are simple ideas to help your child explore without making a mess. They are also safe, so your child is less likely to mouth small objects.


 A small or medium food bag with a zip.

Small objects or sensory resources (any that you can find at home).

Hair gel or add a little bit of water and oil (small amount not too much).

Brown masking tape/ or any heavy duty masking tape (to prevent any leakage).


Open the food bag, add your chosen resources, add liquid of choice, zip the bag and secure with masking tape.

Let your child explore and have fun.




Time for Music

These are some activities for your child to explore using recycled material found at home. Please choose one activity at a time, enjoy making an instrument with your child. Encourage your child to explore one material at a time, then allow them to help you assemble it together. After that, enjoy playing the instrument while allowing as much independence as possible. Choose your child's favourite nursery rhymes and sing it as they attempt to play/ explore the instrument.


Sensology P1

Still image for this video

Sensology p2

Still image for this video

Sensology Instructions

Touch and Communication

Please find the activity attached below and follow the instructions (All resources will be sent to you via learning pack).

Social Interaction Play

Choose your child's favourite 2 play activities and give them a choice, e.g. singing favourite nursery rhymes, reading favourite story, play with small sensory ball (passing and kicking using hands and feet with support when required) or share a little dance or toy etc.


Have a nice day.