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Useful Phone Numbers


Please find below a list of Phone numbers that you may find useful.

Useful Telephone Numbers




Childcare Disability Team (Respite)

01582 547690

Community Nursing Team

0333 405 0085

Continence Clinic (24hr answerphone)

01234 310879

Edwin Lobo Centre, Redgrave Gardens

01582 700300

0333 405 0087 

Speech & Language Therapy

01582 345999

Wheelchair Services

01582 631349

Wheelchair Repairs (Millbrook)

08700 601471

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Welcome back to Honeysuckle Class 'Web Page'


We hope that you had a peaceful Christmas and that all your family is safe and well.


Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support our class while we are learning from home, our class will be updating this page with activities linked to our current topic. At the moment this is 'Whatever next', by Jill Murphy.


Would you like us to keep past activities on the page so that you can visit them again, for now?



This week we will be thinking about rockets and how people travel into space. 

In our story 'Whatever next' baby bear builds a rocket out of a box. Have you tried to build a rocket at home? What did you use? Send us a picture through our class email. If you haven't made one yet, don't worry; you will find ideas on our page below. 


Children will begin recognising key story words such as ROCKET, BEAR, MOON. They will learn about what happened to baby bear when he went up the chimney. 


This week we are learning between ONE and LOTS. How about putting lots of cutlery on one side of the table and just one on the other... Can your child try to do do the same? You could repeat this activity with any everyday objects: shoes, pasta, potatoes, toys, etc. 


We are going to be making space sounds... using everyday objects.

What does a clonking dish remind you of? 

How about running a bath? 

What if you had a balloon that popped? 

Try to make your own SPACE SOUND. 



Moon Song Lockdown Project 04 Rocket Song

Rocket Song, created as part of The Bamboozle Moon Song Lockdown ProjectPerformed by:Amy WhittleBen MooresChristopher DaviesDavid HatelyNaomi Sparrow ...


This term we will be exploring SPACE as our theme. We will be reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy, a story of a bear who travels to the moon. He builds a rocket and has a wonderful adventure in space.




1. How will you travel to the moon? 

 Make a rocket to travel into space on your adventure... use whatever you can: blocks, boxes and even tins with food! Have fun stacking them and balancing your rocket. Can you count back for take off? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!! 


2. Where are you bear?

 Use the flashcards/power point below to practice positional words. We have been working on these words last term so you should be able to place a teddy correctly, following a word clue. All you need is a soft toy, a box and some basic furniture. Have fun! 


3. Shall we have a picnic on the moon?

 Take a blanket and set up a pretend picnic. Use some props from your kitchen- count how many plates and cups will you need for you and your family. 

 If you can, why not bake some delicious star-shaped biscuits? Here is a recipe... 


4. Can you sing a space song?

 "Zoom, zoom, zoom, we're going to the moon. 

  Zoom, zoom, zoom, we'll be there very soon.

  Five, four, three, two, one.... BLAST-OFF! 



Week beginning 18.01.2021

Hello. This week our learning will continue to revolve around the story of Baby Bear. After building his rocket he finally gets to the moon, meeting a friendly owl on the way.



Baby Bear is now flying through space. Our keywords for this week will be MOON, FLYING, OWL and SPACE. We will read the story this week and recap on our previous keywords.


This week we are learning about position and direction. You can do simple exercises, such as turning your head LEFT and RIGHT, jumping UP and DOWN and moving FORWARDS and BACKWARDS. The most fun we had in class was a spinning movement. You can go ROUND an ROUND in a playground or spin some everyday objects on a smooth surface. Why not have a box with a teddy and place him in different positions.


Space is dark. Baby Bear needed light to travel to the moon. The moon reflects light and appears to be bright in the sky at night. We will be looking at things that are dark and light. Can you find things that light up at home? How does it feel when it's dark in the room? Try to make it dark by draping a black cloth over your head... What can you see?


We will be thinking about how we travel and how different vehicles move. What types of vehicles do we use? Do they have wheels or do they fly? If you have toy vehicles at home, have a look at how they move. Push them forwards and backwards. Can they go up and down? If your child is a reader and begins to recognise simple familiar words, you can try this activity... Word and object matching. Print the cards and place toys next to them. 

Honeysuckle class


Home P.E. Activities

Balloon Games


Balloon Keep It Up - Everyone has a balloon and has to try to keep balloon in the air as long as possible. This can be made more difficult by having children only use one hand or using a body part or having both hands behind their back.


Hot Potato - Have one balloon between yourself and your child and have some music playing. The aim for the children is to keep the balloon up in the air, but to tap it up quickly to avoid being caught as the last child to touch the balloon once music is stopped. You could change this game to make the children ‘freeze when the music stops’ and hope the balloon doesn’t fall down on them (children are not allowed to move even if the balloon is coming their way). Add more balloons to the game


Balloon Finger Balancing - Have your child try to balance a balloon on their finger for as long as possible


Balloon Volleyball - this can be played with just two of you, in your front room for example. Set up a modified volleyball field with a half way line marked out. A team starts with the balloon and hits the balloon across the halfway line into the other team’s territory, just like a volleyball game. The other team needs to avoid letting the balloon touch the ground and have to get it back over the half way line. Modify the rules to suit the children and the space you are in. A good rule is to have each team have three players touch the balloon before it is hit back over the half way line


Balloon Basketball Shooting - Have basket, a ring or bucket somewhere and have your child line up trying to ‘shoot’ their balloon into the designated goal


Balloon Blowing - Have your child try to blow a balloon from one end of the room to the other


Balloon Race - Have teams - the aim is to get the team from one point to another as quickly as possible. The first player in each team blows their team’s balloon. Where ever the balloon lands, the next person moves to that spot and tries to blow the balloon a little further. Where that balloon lands is where the next person starts. This keeps going until a team can get past the designated finish spot. This game could be done by tapping the balloon with hand, or kicking with foot



Circuit Stations



Setting up an outdoor circuit with hoops/hurdles/cones – set up a square formation – one edge is hurdles, one edge is hoops to jump over, one edge is cones to zig zag around, one edge is just a jog


Gymnastics stations – Set up various stations such as hoops, rhythmic ribbons, balls, beam, vaults, low bar or high bar, long mat for floor sequences, skipping ropes, balancing area. Make sure you set this up considering safety/age groups/numbers


Aerobic exercise stations – Have stations with basic aerobic type exercises such as leg curls, high knees, star jumps, scissor jumps, jump squats, lunges


Body Balance Awareness stations – Make up cards showing different body poses/balances and help your child move around the room, attempting the various poses. Could have more than one on each task card (i.e. have four on each card). Have some partner balances.


Hoops stations – Have station doing hula hoops, station walking the dog with hoop, station spinning hoops on arms or legs, station skipping with hoops, station spinning hoops on the ground, station rolling hoops or station throwing hoop and catching. Could also have stations that partners can move through together (i.e. throwing hoops to a partner, rolling hoops to a partner)


Skipping rope stations – Have stations with various skipping rope skills


Football stations– Stations can be done in pairs and can involve trapping, kicking, heading and using opposite leg. Can also involve dribbling the football around cones or to designated areas









Flash cards for fitness activities These could be kept in different rooms and accessed each time you enter one, or simply used at different times of the day… …Be sure to model these Mums and Dads!

Honeysuckle Class – Music/ICT

Here are two great, interactive musical instruments for the children to access. You can use hand over hand to support their use of a mouse at the computer.


Please refer to the ‘Music Patterns’ PowerPoint, if you feel the children would respond to simple rhythms.


Have fun and stay safe.


Tracy and the Honeysuckle Class team.

Please find below, some further fun activities that can be completed at home.


Computing Ideas

Activities for tablets

  • Doodle Maths
  • Mouse Maze (good for fine motor work)
  • ‘Cut the rope’ (good for fine motor work)
  • Awesome Xylophone
  • iTrace - Handwriting for Kids
  • Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words
  • Tozzle -Toddler’s favourite puzzle


Computer based activity

  • The ‘Purple Mash’ programme is available to use at home and has some great educational games particularly in the Mini Mash section.  To access this load up Chrome and then put Purple Mash into the search engine. You can register as a parent. Purple Mash are providing a free service at the moment.


Links to Useful Websites

Copy and paste these into the search bar

  • Great resource website called Twinkl this link shows resources for children specifically on the autistic spectrum but could be used with most:


  • ‘Clap it’ song by Bari Koral – This is an action song that the children use every day, they love it, this would be a great way to start the day and incorporate some exercise:


  • The wiggles – there are lots of clips on youtube and they tend to be educational so if the children are on phones and tablets more try some of these:






We hope you all are continuing to stay healthy and happy during this unsettled time.

Please find some new activities and links that you can access from home.


We really hope to see all of the children soon.


Tracy and the Honeysuckle Class team.

Tac Pac 5


This link will provide you with a free copy of TacPac 5. Tacpac is a sensory communication resource, using touch and music to align the senses and develop communication skills. We use TacPac in class to accommodate and support sensory impairments or communication difficulties. Be sure to use this code: 8Q7A3TXS

Yoga Video Lessons


Please follow the link below, for free yoga video lessons that children (with Autism and without) can practise at home.

The lessons are simply structured, easy to follow and to teach, as well as safe, highly engaging and great fun. You don't need to have any yoga knowledge or experience to do this. 

The lessons consist of THREE short animated videos, you can download them all from the the link.

Feel free to stop, start, freeze, go back, fast forward at any point…and revisit time after time, after time; there by reinforcing the activities which, we know, with children on the spectrum, is key.



'Happy Birthday' Signing


We want to include photos and maybe videos of you at home in the next signing song that some of our fantastic colleagues have been creating. We would love for you to sign 'Happy Birthday', but you could also send photos of anything, maybe your children playing, thumbs up to camera, signing etc.


These hopefully will be added to the next song and put onto the school Facebook page.


Mr Tumble Signing/singing 'Happy Birthday' -


This will be a wonderful way of coming together as a school community and if you are happy for these photos or videos to be on social media, please send them to



Useful Phone Numbers


Please find below a list of Phone numbers that you may find useful.


Useful Telephone Numbers


Childcare Disability Team (Respite)

01582 547690

Community Nursing Team

0333 405 0085

Continence Clinic (24hr answerphone)

01234 310879

Edwin Lobo Centre, Redgrave Gardens

01582 700300

0333 405 0087 

Speech & Language Therapy

01582 345999

Wheelchair Services

01582 631349

Wheelchair Repairs  (Millbrook)

08700 601471


 - The Edwin Lobo Centre has 2 numbers - the 700300 number redirects you to the 0333 number where messages are taken and redirected to the appropriate service e.g. physio.

Rainbow art Ideas

  • Paint different pieces of paper the various colours.
  • If you do not have paint tear different colours from magazines that you may have and stick them onto paper.
  • When dry draw a line down the middle and get your child to cut along the line
  • Add cotton wool (be careful of choking hazard with cotton wool)
  • Place drops of paint into a zip lock bag.
  • Seal the end with cellotape to minimise it coming out the ends
  • Let the children squish the paint in the bag

You can then place these on the widow and let the light shine through. The children can also keep changing the paint as it moves in the bag.

  • Cut up different colours place into colour matching cups if you have them
  • Get the children to colour match.
  • Remove the words and simply colour in the area so the children can colour match


Key words:

  • Colour names
  • Short, long
  • Cut


Physical goals:

  • Cutting /tearing skills
  • hand eye co ordination,
  • fine motor skills
  • pincer grip



Sensory art

  • Use zip lock bags and pour some rice into each bag
  • Add food coloring or paint to colour the rice.
  • Lock the bag and start shaking, If the children are doing this ensure it is fully closed. Squeeze the bag to ensure rice grains are covered.
  • A spoonful of vinegar does help if you do not have this do not worry it is not necessary.
  • Open up the bag and allow the rice time to dry
  • You can add smells to the rice too.

  • Allow the children to pour water into the bottles. Pouring baby oil or light coloured cooking oil in, approxiamately a third of the bottle, gives it another texture.
  • Drop a small amount of food colouring or paint into the bottle add glitter or leave plain.
  • Or add objects of different colours and get the children to fill each bottle with only one colour.
  • This is a great activity for outside. Put the empty bottles in a bowl and have the water in containers to fill the bottles.
  • Allow time for the children to explore and play before making the end product.
  • Note, the oil can get messy so adults to stay in charge of this part.

Ensure the top is secure,we tend to put cellotape on the top when complete.

  • Add food colouring to water before freezing
  • Or you can add the coloured toys into the water which will freeze into the container you have.
  • This is a great activity for hot days. Add this to a tub full of water and go into the garden to play and watch it melt.
  • Let the children remove the ice cubes from the container.
  • Placing the ice cubes onto paper will make nice artwork as they melt on to the paper.
  • Place scarves or anything transluscent on top of your light box
  • Remember it works best in the dark.
  • You can spray a different scent on each scarf
  • The sensory bottles and rice can also be placed ontop

Rainbow story massage






Links to Maths Songs and Activities

The following links are for songs and activities that are Maths-based and may be of interest to your child.  Remember to use the internet safely by ensuring that parental guidance settings are applied especially if you are unable to be constantly checking what your child is watching.

Songs – Pop the bubbles and number - Useful apps for literacy numeracy - Problem solving - Counting seaside related Counting seaside related


Activities – Counting video


Interactive Music

Soundabout are an organisation that have live sessions at 2pm Tuesday and Saturday then they store each session on you tube to be accessed at any time.

Soundabout tv session 12 : Will Taggart  ( you can get this up on your smart tv’s just type this into you tube)             


It is an interactive session for the entire family all siblings will enjoy this too.

You will need:

Scarf or something to enable you to hold on together

fan something to make a breeze,

The shakers that you made,

Drums or a box/container to bang

Some noisey treasure, which can be coins in a tub.


Note: Have fun it starts at 4mins 35 into the recording as he explains what you need to get together. Its approx. 30minutes long.

Making a cake or sandwich

Get together and prepare a picnic. What will you make? Sandwiches and cakes?

When you have made your lunch, allow the children to pack each item into containers or food bags and place them into your basket.

When your cakes are cooking or cooling, go on a search for the items you will need for your picnic and set it all up in the garden.

(Symbols provided below for cooking and to search for each item within the home.)

Fruit bingo - Reading

Play this as a family. Print each page twice. Keep one whole and the other is to be cut into separate pictures.

  1. (Easy version, sometimes waiting can be hard) One person holds all the pictures and takes it in turn to offer them to each person. If they have it on their page they match it and cover it with the picture. If not it goes to the bottom of the pile.
  2. If you have the actual fruits in the house get the children to match it to the symbol by simply placing the fruit on top of the symbols laid out on the table.

Water play

In good weather head outside with a variety of containers and play in the water. Use bottles from your recycling bin, sieves are especially good fun to use and again you can add colour, bubbles or smells all to the water to add a different element of fun to it all. - In this video, the Bamboozle Theatre Company perform 'The Moon Song'. - 'Rain Rain' song. As the weather turns this week, this song should helped to cheer up those dark, dull days. It has has 4 different elements to it. All elements are performed simultaneously by one artist.


  • See the word document; Maths Massages songs.
  • If you have a train set add carriages and count how many carriages there on.
  • Look at full and empty; give your children several containers and then water, cereal, pasta (anything really). Get them to fill and empty the containers. Tell them which is which: “that container is full... that container is empty”.
  • Count how many flowers there are in your garden or when out for a walk.
  • Have a tea party and make sure you have the correct number of cups, plates, cakes etc!
  • Sorting socks by colour; children match their socks. 
  • Match shoes to make pairs.
  • Sort between two different objects e.g. shoes and socks, spoons and forks, cars and wooden bricks. 
  • Make sandwiches and cut them in 2 and then 4. Count how many sections there are.

Math massage songs