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More great pictures of Lily working hard on the packs we sent home. We love to see how all the children in our class are doing. Honeysuckle class miss them all very much, please keep sending photos, they really do brighten up our day.

Lily's mum has very kindly shared with us some lovely pictures of Lily. Lily enjoyed playing in the snow, shame the snow only lasted for one day. 

You can also see Lily hard at work doing the work we sent home in the packs, which Honeysuckle made for all the children in our class. 

Please keep sending them they brighten up our day. x

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Useful Phone Numbers


Please find below a list of Phone numbers that you may find useful.

Useful Telephone Numbers




Childcare Disability Team (Respite)

01582 547690

Community Nursing Team

0333 405 0085

Continence Clinic (24hr answerphone)

01234 310879

Edwin Lobo Centre, Redgrave Gardens

01582 700300

0333 405 0087 

Speech & Language Therapy

01582 345999

Wheelchair Services

01582 631349

Wheelchair Repairs (Millbrook)

08700 601471

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[HD] IMAX // Shuttle launch (Hubble 2010 - STS 125) - Excellent Quality

High definition excerpt from the 2010 space documentary Hubble. : An IMAX 3D camera chronicles the effort of 7 a...

Welcome back to Honeysuckle Class 'Web Page'


We hope that you had a peaceful Christmas and that all your family is safe and well.


Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support our class while we are learning from home, our class will be updating this page with activities linked to our current topic. At the moment this is 'Whatever next', by Jill Murphy.


Would you like us to keep past activities on the page so that you can visit them again, for now?


Flash cards for fitness activities These could be kept in different rooms and accessed each time you enter one, or simply used at different times of the day… …Be sure to model these Mums and Dads!

Have fun and stay safe.


Tracy and the Honeysuckle Class team.






We hope you all are continuing to stay healthy and happy during this unsettled time.

Please find some new activities and links that you can access from home.


We really hope to see all of the children soon.


Tracy and the Honeysuckle Class team.

'Happy Birthday' Signing


We want to include photos and maybe videos of you at home in the next signing song that some of our fantastic colleagues have been creating. We would love for you to sign 'Happy Birthday', but you could also send photos of anything, maybe your children playing, thumbs up to camera, signing etc.


These hopefully will be added to the next song and put onto the school Facebook page.


Mr Tumble Signing/singing 'Happy Birthday' -


This will be a wonderful way of coming together as a school community and if you are happy for these photos or videos to be on social media, please send them to



Making a cake or sandwich

Get together and prepare a picnic. What will you make? Sandwiches and cakes?

When you have made your lunch, allow the children to pack each item into containers or food bags and place them into your basket.

When your cakes are cooking or cooling, go on a search for the items you will need for your picnic and set it all up in the garden.

(Symbols provided below for cooking and to search for each item within the home.)

Fruit bingo - Reading

Play this as a family. Print each page twice. Keep one whole and the other is to be cut into separate pictures.

  1. (Easy version, sometimes waiting can be hard) One person holds all the pictures and takes it in turn to offer them to each person. If they have it on their page they match it and cover it with the picture. If not it goes to the bottom of the pile.
  2. If you have the actual fruits in the house get the children to match it to the symbol by simply placing the fruit on top of the symbols laid out on the table.

Math massage songs