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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Projection 2019/2020 - £39,600


30 eligible pupils - funding received for 26.5% of pupils


The barriers to educational progress faced by eligible pupils are having profound and multiple learning difficulties, poor well-being, complex and challenging behaviour and life altering medical conditions, homes with English as a second language (therefore difficulties in accessing services). Erratic attendance due to difficult home circumstances can also impact outcomes. The allocation for the academic year 2019/20 will be used in the following ways:


Allocated Intent Implementation Evidence of Impact






Enhancing the provision of music in the school therefore improving the culture capital within the school. Music is a medium that offers opportunities to communicate with their world around them. To make choices to communicate their needs. To offer pupils with complex behaviour de-escalation spaces. Development of group skills - turn taking, sharing and listening.

To employ a musician for one day a week for 3 half terms over the year.

To employ a music therapist 1 day a week - 30 weeks a year.

£24,500 To maintain effective links with families, supporting vulnerable and chaotic home situations building greater understanding between home and school to improve attendance and engagement in pupil's learning. Supporting families to access services to improve family opportunities. For families to meet and exchange ideas and support each other. To support families with medical appointments improving pupil health and well being. To work in partnership with professionals to provide multi-agency support creating effective teams around the family thus improving pupil outcomes.

To pay 40% of the Family Workers salary.

Set up and run monthly parent coffee mornings, inviting professionals to attend as appropriate.

Family workers attending safeguarding meetings and training updates.

Regular home visits to pupils missing in education, working in conjunction with the EWO team.

Provide interpretation.

Liaison with multi agencies.

£200 To provide children with resources to explore dynamic and stimulating learning zones. Improve communication, engagement and independent choosing. Provide resources within summer term Creative Week.  
£1,500 A space to create a more effective learning environment. To increase opportunities for effective communication in the hall. To build well being by sharing & celebrating achievement together, improvement in concentration and attention by "sharing on microphone". Replacement sound and lighting system in hall.  


Date of next Pupil Premium Strategy Review: December 2020

Pupil Premium Final  2018/2019 - £40,920


31 eligible pupils - funding received for 29% of pupils


The allocation for academic year 2018/2019 was used in the following ways:


Allocated Provision Aim Anticipated impact on achievement Evaluation






Enhancing the provision of music in the school. 6 x 1 day = half a term. 3 half term blocks a year. 1 day a week - 30 weeks a year.

To employ a musician for one day a week in the Spring Term to work with ASD classes.


To pay the salary of the music therapist.

  • Increased engagement in music lessons
  • Development of group skills - turn taking, sharing and listening
  • Development of performance skills - assemblies/ concerts
  • Opportunities for choice making in lessons
  • Opportunities to develop call and response activities
  • Creation of opportunities to communicate likes and dislikes

5 pupils have accessed individual music therapy sessions, enabling positive engagement and promoting communication skills. 2 classes fully participate in class music lessons. Pupils have been able to use this media to work on EHCP targets such as communication and concentration.

Drumming sessions have been provided for all classes over the school year.

£28,500 Part fund the salaries of the Family Workers To pay 50% of the Family Workers to ensure maximum support for children in school and their parents.
  • Stronger links with families
  • Greater continuity between home and school
  • Support for families to access services
  • Provide opportunities for families to meet and exchange ideas and support each other
  • Support families with medical appointments
  • Completion of Early Help Referrals
  • Completion of Graded Care Profiles

A new transport assistance application process was put in place, the Family Workers enabled the majority of parents to apply successfully. Improving pupil attendance. Provided parents with interpretation to access medical meetings and consultations.

Support with EHR enabled families to access more benefits and respite support. Creating a more financially viable home life. Pupil gains through parents gain. Reducing safeguarding risks.

£1,375 Theatre Performance To provide children with a theatre production experience.
  • An all-around learning experience for pupils with profound learning difficulties
  • Staff will witness in excellent practice and use as CPD opportunities to impact own teaching and learning

Down to Earth was provided and pupils with PMLD and receiving PP all attended sessions. The session was very successful. High pupil engagement and participation.

Teachers have discussed activities, presented and incorporated, in several of the school 's  creatives weeks later in the year.