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Music Therapy

Music and Communication at Home


Hello families.


This is not a Music Therapy session.  Just a couple of short pieces of music that you might like to try for a different sort of interaction with your child.


As this is a new venture I apologise that the quality of the recording is not as good as I would like.  If there are any more, they will be better!


Try to sit so that you can see your child’s face; either sitting opposite them as they sit in their chair, or sitting on the floor, supporting them from behind, and with a mirror in front  of you if possible.  There are spaces in the music, in which your child might choose to communicate by eg, swaying, moving a foot, opening their eyes wider, vocalising, slapping the floor etc.  If this happens, respond to them as though it were a conversation, using the same form of communication as they used.  You don’t need to copy them exactly.  Just let them know that you’ve noticed and that you’re responding.  




Best wishes at this strange time.



Slow song

Lively song