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Rainbow art Ideas

  • Paint different pieces of paper the various colours.
  • If you do not have paint tear different colours from magazines that you may have and stick them onto paper.
  • When dry draw a line down the middle and get your child to cut along the line
  • Add cotton wool (be careful of choking hazard with cotton wool)
  • Place drops of paint into a zip lock bag.
  • Seal the end with cellotape to minimise it coming out the ends
  • Let the children squish the paint in the bag

You can then place these on the widow and let the light shine through. The children can also keep changing the paint as it moves in the bag.

  • Cut up different colours place into colour matching cups if you have them
  • Get the children to colour match.
  • Remove the words and simply colour in the area so the children can colour match


Key words:

  • Colour names
  • Short, long
  • Cut


Physical goals:

  • Cutting /tearing skills
  • hand eye co ordination,
  • fine motor skills
  • pincer grip



Sensory art

  • Use zip lock bags and pour some rice into each bag
  • Add food coloring or paint to colour the rice.
  • Lock the bag and start shaking, If the children are doing this ensure it is fully closed. Squeeze the bag to ensure rice grains are covered.
  • A spoonful of vinegar does help if you do not have this do not worry it is not necessary.
  • Open up the bag and allow the rice time to dry
  • You can add smells to the rice too.

  • Allow the children to pour water into the bottles. Pouring baby oil or light coloured cooking oil in, approxiamately a third of the bottle, gives it another texture.
  • Drop a small amount of food colouring or paint into the bottle add glitter or leave plain.
  • Or add objects of different colours and get the children to fill each bottle with only one colour.
  • This is a great activity for outside. Put the empty bottles in a bowl and have the water in containers to fill the bottles.
  • Allow time for the children to explore and play before making the end product.
  • Note, the oil can get messy so adults to stay in charge of this part.

Ensure the top is secure, we tend to put cellotape on the top when complete.

  • Add food colouring to water before freezing
  • Or you can add the coloured toys into the water which will freeze into the container you have.
  • This is a great activity for hot days. Add this to a tub full of water and go into the garden to play and watch it melt.
  • Let the children remove the ice cubes from the container.
  • Placing the ice cubes onto paper will make nice artwork as they melt on to the paper.
  • Place scarves or anything translucent on top of your lightbox
  • Remember it works best in the dark.
  • You can spray a different scent on each scarf
  • The sensory bottles and rice can also be placed ontop

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