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Physical Activity


Physibods is an active movement programme designed to support our children to use their active movement wherever possible.
Follow the instructions on the screen along with the music to support your child with their active movement.
Your child will benefit from being placed on a mat or rug with as little restrictive equipment as possible - remove hand splints, AFO's, body braces etc before you participate in this activity.


At school we will be having a go at yoga over the next few weeks. 

Perhaps you might like to try at home. 

We have included a link to Crystel from another School who has been using yoga with her class over lockdown.

Rhythm Kids

Still image for this video
Rhythm Kids is a session which uses patterned movements to familiar children's nursery Rhymes.
The instruction video can be used as a guide, or you could use this as you exercise with your child.
Words for each of the rhymes can be found on the word document below the video.
We recommend that you use Rhythm Kids once or twice a week and then follow this with the pupils daily physiotherapy, which your physiotherapist should have provided you with.

Support from the Youth Sport Trust


The youth sport trust have produced some brilliant advice and supporting videos to help with physical exercise for children and young people with physical disabilities. 


The videos are included below with a brief summary of Angela Lydon's advice for each of the sections. 


For more detailed advice please visit the youth sport trust page and download the advice sheets

Dexterity - Fine manipulation

The ideas in this video encourage the use of fingers to manipulate items.
You can experiment with a wide range of household items to promote interest and and give the experience of a wide range of textures.
Increase, or decrease the distance from the items in order to make the task easier or harder as required for your child's needs.
Change the container you present items in so that your child is able to access the items easily.

Dexterity - Grasp and release

The aim of this video is to support pupils to grasp, move and release objects.
Your child may need some support from the elbow in order to move and release objects.
Increase or decrease the distance away from the items in order to make the activity easier or harder as required.
Use smaller items to increase success, or if you wish to make the task harder, use larger, heavier objects

Dexterity - Maintaining grasp

This video continues to promote grasp, hold and release, but also supports with holding onto items and lifting them.
Begin with squeezing and holding. If you feel your child has achieved this skill move on to holding and lifting items.
When practising holding items begin with a small empty bucket, and gradually fill it to make the task more difficult as your child progresses.

Kicking whilst lying down

We are aiming to develop the use of our legs to kick, or move an item using our feet.
Begin with items that the children can dislodge when they are placed on their feet - do they move their feet to remove the item?
Create objects for the children to knock down - drinks cans are brilliant for this - if you need some please ask
Children may find it easier to move one leg at a time, or to be positioned on their side to increase mobility.