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We will be looking at how shadows are made and what happens when we change the distance from the light source. We will look at different shapes and make their shadows, then read a special shadow story.


COLD and HOT Science lesson


We are learning to discover what COLD is like. Children can touch and feel a variety of COLD objects. Then Aga shows how to make a HOT tea.


Space is dark. Baby Bear needed light to travel to the moon. The moon reflects light and appears to be bright in the sky at night. We will be looking at things that are dark and light. Can you find things that light up at home? How does it feel when it's dark in the room? Try to make it dark by draping a black cloth over your head... What can you see?

Water play

In good weather head outside with a variety of containers and play in the water. Use bottles from your recycling bin, sieves are especially good fun to use and again you can add colour, bubbles or smells all to the water to add a different element of fun to it all.