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Swimming at Inspire

Swimming at the Inspire sport centre is extremely exciting for all the children and staff, as this is a day out into the community and Sunflower class use it as a fun, bonding time.

This involves getting on the school bus with our kind site agents (who take it in turns to drive us to and fro) and singing loudly while listening to Magic radio with them!

The children are constantly encouraged and praised for their independent efforts and achievements in developing their life skills.

  • Looking after own belongings
  • Getting changed
  • Walking to designated swimming pool
  • Accessing the pool via steps
  • (Wheelchair access available)
  • Listening, focusing and following instructions given by swimming instructor
  • Showering
  • Sharing the space and facilities sensibly with other people and school children (corridors, changing rooms, hair drying area, waiting area)

During swimming sessions, the children are supported to use different parts of their body to: kick, push off side of the pool, scoop water, blow, splash, while using different pool support and equipment such as: arm bands, foam noodles, floating toys, floats etc.

After swim, the Sunflower class enjoy their snacks and drinks at the Inspire café, while waiting for their transport back to school. This is particularly important time for all of us after a very busy and demanding morning, to sit down together, to relax and chat with each other.

The staff at the café are extremely kind and attentive and always make us feel very welcome.