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Week commencing 22 March 2021.

Please find the videos below to correspond with the home learning resource packs provided to you on Monday 22nd March. There is a home learning information sheet within your child’s home resource pack to break down each activity. You can repeat any of the following learning activities as many times as you wish, this enables your child to consolidate these skills. Repetition is valuable because each time your child experiences something the knowledge becomes more secure and their feeling of self-worth increases. Please feel free to explore the page further for more fun activities. If you have any queries please email me via the class email address ;


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What's the weather?

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 Balloon Games

  • Promotes turn taking 
  • Develops attention skills
  • Promotes communication - requesting 'more', 'help'.


Balloon Keep It Up - Everyone has a balloon and has to try to keep balloon in the air as long as possible. This can be made more difficult by having children only use one hand or using a body part or having both hands behind their back.


Hot Potato - Have one balloon between yourself and your child and have some music playing. The aim for the children is to keep the balloon up in the air, but to tap it up quickly to avoid being caught as the last child to touch the balloon once music is stopped. You could change this game to make the children ‘freeze when the music stops’ and hope the balloon doesn’t fall down on them (children are not allowed to move even if the balloon is coming their way). Add more balloons to the game


Balloon Finger Balancing - Have your child try to balance a balloon on their finger for as long as possible


Balloon Volleyball - this can be played with just two of you, in your front room for example. Set up a modified volleyball field with a half way line marked out. A team starts with the balloon and hits the balloon across the halfway line into the other team’s territory, just like a volleyball game. The other team needs to avoid letting the balloon touch the ground and have to get it back over the half way line. Modify the rules to suit the children and the space you are in. A good rule is to have each team have three players touch the balloon before it is hit back over the half way line.


Sensory Activities


Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. You can encourage your child to make a choice between two to four sensory trays using their own preferred communication method. This could be by using objects of reference, jars, pictures or PEC’S.  Once they have made their choice explore the sensory activity with them. Describe what you are doing as you play with the different sensory activities e.g., “push”, “squeeze”, “pouring”, “scooping”, “finding”. Keep your comments short and then wait for your child’s response. 


When exploring the different sensory activities, you can try and hide items or toys in them, Do they try to find it? Ask questions, such as, what do you see? What does it feel like? Affirm colours, shapes, and textures. Below you will find a link to a document called sensory cards this will inform you how to create different sensory trays at home. Please be mindful of allergies. 



Lets make some music! Have a look at what you have got at home that you could use to make your own musical instruments.

Rain maker

You will need:

A snack tube or a long cardboard tube (such as used for kitchen foil)/ empty bottle
Paint (gold or silver)
Glitter and sequins
Lentils or rice.

What you need to do:

Paint your tube/ bottle and leave to dry. Decorate the tube with sequins and glitter.

Fill the tube/bottle about 1/5 full of rice or lentils and glue the lid on securely. If you are using a kitchen foil tube, you will need to cut circles of card or paper and fix them very securely over each end.

Tip the tube from side to side to hear the rice fall.


Guitar box


What you will need:


Elastic bands

Container box


What you need to do:


Wrap some elastic bands around an empty container or box. Then start strumming/plucking and create your own music.


Follow the link below to participate in a fun music session with the lovley Erian.


Activities for tablets

  • Doodle Maths
  • Mouse Maze (good for fine motor work)
  • ‘Cut the rope’ (good for fine motor work)
  • Awesome Xylophone
  • iTrace - Handwriting for Kids
  • Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words
  • Tozzle -Toddler’s favourite puzzle


Computer based activity

  • The ‘Purple Mash’ programme is available to use at home and has some great educational games particularly in the Mini Mash section.  To access this load up Chrome and then put Purple Mash into the search engine. You can register as a parent. Purple Mash are providing a free service at the moment.


Links to Useful Websites

Copy and paste these into the search bar

  • Great resource website called Twinkl this link shows resources for children specifically on the autistic spectrum but could be used with most:


  • ‘Clap it’ song by Bari Koral – This is an action song that the children use every day, they love it, this would be a great way to start the day and incorporate some exercise:


  • The wiggles – there are lots of clips on youtube and they tend to be educational so if the children are on phones and tablets more try some of these: