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The Lavender class activity page will be filled with fun and exciting activities/videos for you and your child to enjoy. A resource pack will be available to correspond to online learning.

The ‘hello’ and ‘what’s the weather?’ songs can be shared on a daily basis with your child.

The sensory circuits video can be used throughout the day, if needed.

Model activities, show them how to use or play with a toy, start something as a joint venture and then reduce your input to allow them to flourish.  Repeat activities and encourage more independence or focus each time. Give your child choices from two or more when offering toys, snacks, drinks, colours if doing a painting activity.  If your child has a communication book, they may have snacks and colours included.  Encourage them to use their preferred communication method.


There will be four speech and language information sheets in your child’s resource pack. The information sheets will give a simple how to guide on intensive interaction, choice making, object exchange and objects of reference. We hope you find this helpful!


Please keep in contact with us via your class email;


This terms topic is based on the story How dose your garden grow? The activities will be related to gardening, mini beasts, and exploring the differences between the city and the country side. 




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What's the weather?

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