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Welcome to the Lavender class activity page.

Whilst the school is closed you can check this page for a list of fun activities for you and your children to enjoy. At the bottom of the page I have added some useful links that may interest you and your child.

Please keep in contact with us via your class email;


Useful Phone Numbers


Please find below a list of Phone numbers that you may find useful.

Useful Telephone Numbers


Childcare Disability Team (Respite)

01582 547690

Community Nursing Team

0333 405 0085

Continence Clinic (24hr answerphone)

01234 310879

Edwin Lobo Centre, Redgrave Gardens

01582 700300

0333 405 0087 

Speech & Language Therapy

01582 345999

Wheelchair Services

01582 631349

Wheelchair Repairs  (Millbrook)

08700 601471

The Edwin Lobo Centre has 2 numbers - the 700300 number redirects you to the 0333 number where messages are taken and redirected to the appropriate service e.g. physio


Fine Motor skills

Fine motor activities can progress your child to complete tasks like buttoning or zipping their coats, fastening their shoes, turning pages in a book, or mark making/handwriting. Below you will find some activities to try at home. These activities are using resources you can find in your home.


Use a colander and pipe cleaners.

Can you thread the pipe cleaners through the holes?

Can you pull the pipe cleaners out of the holes?


Use small building bricks to make a construction.

Can you push the bricks together and pull them apart?

How many bricks can you use to build a tower?

Can you select requested colours?


Use an old container and milk bottle lids for a posting activity.

Can you post the lids into the container?

How many can you post?



Use an old container and lolly pop sticks for a posting activity.

Can you pull the lolly pop sticks out of the container?

How many can you pull out?

Can you post the lolly pop stick in the holes?

How many can you post?



Summer Term Seaside Fun!


During the summer term Lavender class is exploring the seaside! Below you will find some activities to enjoy!

Star fish picture

What you will need-

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cereal (rice crispys, hoops, cornflakes)/glitter/ sand

Adult – Cut a starfish shape out of coloured card.

Encourage your child to explore the Cereal/glitter/sand. Explore the different textures, smells and tastes.

Encourage your child to put glue, Cereal/glitter/sand onto the starfish.


 Soapy seaside fun!

What you will need –

  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Child friendly soap
  • Foody colouring
  • Items related to the seaside – shells, stars fish, fish and a bucket spade. If you don’t have any seaside related object you can use any toys, cups and spoons.


Fill a bowl with water, soap, add a little splash of blue food colouring and mix together to create lots of bubbles. Add any seaside resources you may have and let your child explore.

Can you find a shell?

Can you find a starfish?

Can you find a fish?

Please find the attached document for the corresponding symbols.


Ice cream playdough

Please use this link to make ice cream playdough. Once made encourage your child to roll, pat, pinch, and squeeze the dough. Explore the texture of the dough, you can use a spoon to scoop and separate. This is a fun fine motor skill activity!







Lavender class have been exploring the Country India. During our creative art sessions Lavender class have been enjoying participating in activities linked to the festival of colour. If you have access to paints and craft resources at home you can try the activity below;

Colour festival card

Give your child a choice of different coloured paints. Allow you child to explore the paints with their hands or with a paintbrush. You can transfer the paint patterns from the table/tray onto a piece card. You can also allow your child to create marks directly onto the card with a paintbrush or printing using their hands. Once the paint has dried you can send the cards to friends and family to make them smile.😊 (keeping in line with the government social distancing advice)



Cooking allows your child to experience different textures, tastes and smells. It’s a great way to get your child involved with everyday life skills. Whilst at home you can get your children involved in cooking.  Here are some useful tips:

  • Promote good hygiene before beginning cooking such as cleaning tables and washing hands.
  • Talk about the different textures and smells of the ingredients.
  • Allow them to explore the food items through taste, touch and smell.
  • Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Expose your child to different temperatures of ingredients, with parental supervision (e.g. make sure the ingredients are not too hot.)
  • Now the best part! Allow your child to taste the product.
  • Cleaning up time! Allow your child to help with washing the dishes. Give your child a sponge/cloth and encourage them to clean those dishes.


Musical Shaker


To make a basic musical shaker at home you will need a choice of container such as:

  • Empty water, or other plastic drinks bottle – any size will do
  • Empty coffee tin
  • Any small boxes with lids
  • A plastic egg that splits into two

You can seal these containers or bottles with tape once completed.

You will also need a choice of fillings such as:

  • Dry uncooked pasta
  • Lentils
  • Uncooked Chickpeas
  • Uncooked Rice
  • Uncooked dry beans
  • Glitter or sequins


Use larger fillings if you are worried your child will put them in their mouth

You can mix and match the fillings within your musical shaker or stick to just one. You will need to fix the lid on tightly once your child’s musical shaker has been filled. If you are using smaller items, like grains of rice or lentils you can set up the area with a funnel to pour the filling in to make the musical shaker.

You can use these musical shakers to play games such as Ready steady …Go. You can encourage your child to shake the shakers using fast and slow motions. Or you can let your child to be creative and shake to some music. Have fun!



Useful links

Makaton fun with the wonderful Singing Hands Monday to Friday 10:30am!
Starting from Monday 30th March! Tune in!
It can be watched on YouTube or Facebook


The story massage programme is running live broadcasts every

Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm via Facebook.

Go to their website for useful information and benefits of the story massage programme.




Sending you all warm wishes and stay safe 😊

Carly and the Lavender team.