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Last Friday (8 October) we celebrated Harvest at school. 


We talked about how we say Thank you to people who help us by growing and supplying food for us to eat. 


We used apples to create different foods, and products. 


Could you create an apple food with your child at home?


Apple puree would particularly be a lovely sensory experience, or you could try to create an apple playdoh.




As the seasons are rapidly changing from Summer to Autumn, perhaps this would be a lovely time to explore the outdoors. 


  • Can you find a place with lots of leaves and wheel the children through so that they can hear the crunch under their wheels?
  • Can you collect some dry leaves to paint and print with at home?
  • Can you find any conkers? - open the shells and smell them, take out the shiny conkers and look at them - shine torches on them, thread them onto strings and hang them so that the children can experience them with their hands, use a tray, and roll the conkers in paint - listen as they roll, then take a print of the pattern they have made on the tray.