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Home School Books Guidance – for parents/carers



Our home-school books share essential information and updates on learning activities and events. Regular communication between school and home is encouraged. School communications are written up during the school day, time spent doing so is balanced with teaching time and therefore limits the level of information shared.


Below are home-school book guidelines:

  1. For on-going relevant information e.g. timetable, kit requirements
  2. Books read daily as soon as practically possible
  3. Staff will write up concise messages about the day’s activities and achievements
  4. Other professionals may use the book e.g. therapists and respite care
  5. Class team should write regularly (minimum of 3 times per week)
  6. Some information may be required daily e.g. food intake, medical & personal care
  7. Information e.g. significant injury, behaviour or illness should be relayed by phone or face to face, and recorded on school system and therefore not necessarily written in book



Providing general information about the pupil’s day in school

Sharing achievements, successes & examples of learning skills & activities

Informing or reminding about forthcoming events

Requesting specific kit or resources

Seeking information of a non-sensitive or non-complex nature

Reporting a minor injury


Providing general information about child’s weekend or evening for news sharing

Sharing achievements and successes at home

General queries relating to classroom learning & personal needs

Sharing information as relevant to child

Reporting a minor injury


Urgent information and requesting pupil leave of absence should be communicated to school office:


Tel: 01582 728705