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Welcome to The Sibs Group page.


Let's start with the formalities; introductions!

The Team are:

- Samantha Corkett

- Devina Mistry

- Colsuma Bibi

- Nasmeen Kausar

- Samerah Kausar.


You will probably recognise our names as we all have or still work at Lady Zia Wernher School.


So now that that is done.......


This page will be for children and parents to check dates and activities of upcoming Sibs group meetings and also to look at the photographs taken during the sessions!


If their is anything you would really like to see please let us know!


You can contact Sam on the Lady Zia Wernher phone number or you can text us on our mobile number; 07494057925 :) 

27th February 2016 - Tshirt making

27th February 2016 - Tshirt making 1 The children really enjoyed creating their tshirts
27th February 2016 - Tshirt making 2
27th February 2016 - Tshirt making 3

19th March 2016

19th March 2016 1 Outside fun!
19th March 2016 2 The boys enjoying a game of football
19th March 2016 3
19th March 2016 4 Taking turns to push!
19th March 2016 5