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Hi everyone and hope you are keeping well. We thought we would give you a few ideas over the weeks, for things to do at home. Willow class has children with differing needs, some of our suggestions will be more suitable for some than others. Take a look and hope you have fun. Where you have more than one child, include them in activities too.


A couple of the stories that we have been reading, which the children will be familiar with and doing activities around, are as follows:



Peace at Last

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy, brought to life by Simple Stories! Please visit our; Website - Facebook -

One Bear at Bedtime Read Aloud

"Do you have any special friends who is all you need at bedtime?" "If you have animal friends, what would you like to do with them before bedtime?" "What do ...

Please feel free to view, or use the stories in counting games (one bear at bedtime), or even ask your children if they can hear (Peace at last) around their own house or garden.



Coronavirus - Covid19

Photos and contact

Do take pictures of your children and any work they do, doing their exercises/practising their walking, anything they are enjoying playing with. We would love an update on what your child is doing. Also if you have any questions do ask.

A song that we have been singing is:-


There were ten (five) in the bed the little one said "Roll over, so they all rolled over and one fell out

There were nine(four) in the....  

There were eight(three) in the... (and so on counting down to one)

 There was one in the bed and the little one said "Goodnight" 


(Look up Simple songs on U tube)


We sang this using a small toy bed and teddy bears, taking one off bear, each verse we sang. 

Let your child/ren feel the bears, it may be possible to count the number of bears with them.

Respond to any vocalisation the children make whilst exploring or counting, by echoing back the sound.(intensive interaction)


Teddy Bear Picnic

In this section we want to add a recipe that we could use in a pretend or otherwise teddy bear picnic. This time its different flavoured smoothies, with maybe natural yoghurt, milk or water, to blend. You could use a smoothie maker or food processor if you have one. Otherwise simply explore fruit instead. Use the five senses to explore, whether or not the child can eat/drink (for medical reasons or choice).

Looking - at the shape and colour

Feeling - the fruits texture, hard or soft

Smelling - strong smell or mild

Tasting - fruit before making smoothie

Listening - to the noise when the start button is pressed (when some fruit is dropped, squashed etc.)

Tasting -smoothie after blending

Decide if children like or see if they refuse


Take very good care of yourselves and follow Government guidelines.

We hope this helps a little

Mary, Kelsey, Sachna, Fiona and Colsumma (Willow staff)