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Beach Play

These ideas are fun outside when the weather gets warmer but you can also have your own indoor beach if you like!


Play with some water outside - use different container and things from the kitchen to fill and pour from.  Add some bubbles and a drop of blue food colouring to make some waves.


If you have some sand, make some sand castles.  Can you decorate them?  If you don't have sand maybe you can make you own 'moon sand'. 

Here is the recipe - 

Take 8 cups of flour, 

Pour in 1 cup of vegetable oil and mix it up. 

This mixture will be crumbly but you can mould it so it makes great sandcastles - you can always add a little spice to make it smell too.


If you have some, explore shells and pebbles.


Blue glitter jelly makes fabulous sea to explore - we have hidden fish in it at school.  It is vegetarian and smells amazing!

There are more lovely ideas on line.  I will add the links below.  Have fun!