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Virtual tours

Summer 2020 - We are building a portfolio of virtual tours of the school to enable a visit to the school from home. Each photograph has 360'  imaging, so just scroll around to see the whole room. Click on the arrows in the images to lead you to the next space. Some rooms have more than one view; to see the other angles, click on the black circular targets in the photograph.


EYFS department is our first virtual tour project. 

Visit our 3 classrooms of Orchid, Poppy and Daisy. Environments filled with resources to enable pupils develop early learning skills such as communication, personal, social and emotional development, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

We have included 4 other key rooms our youngest children engage with -

Music room - the room is set up for musical exploration and a resonance interaction session.

Hall - for movement, spacial awareness, balance development and rebound therapy.

Library - a world of stories to engage with, including an eye gaze (ICT that enables a child's eye tracking to control a communication device).

Swimming pool - a therapy pool for learning to understand body and space awareness, experiencing the qualities of water in its fullness and building self confidence.