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At School this week we are having a special RE week based on all things Easter. You might like to try some of these things at home to learn about Easter. 


Sensory Journey with music

1. Graham Kendrick - Make Way Make Way - Lyric Video.mp3

Whilst this music plays use leaves to track over your child's exposed body parts and note their reactions. 

This represents the palm leaves that were waved when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem

2. Kyrie Eleison Gregorian Chant - Canto Gregoriano.mp3

During this track, drag ribbons over the skin to represent the ropes Jesus was wrapped in.  Real rope may be used but do this with care.

3.Gavin Bryars - Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet (1975)-[].mp3

Dip sponges in water and press  them against the feet. 

This represents when Jesus washed his disciples feet.

4a. Onehundredhours - At the Foot of the Cross.mp3

4b. Jesus Christ Superstar - Andrew Lloyd Webber Tim Rice - John Nineteen- Forty-One (19-41).mp3

Choose a track that works best for your child, or use both.

Use Bottles filled with water allowed to rest on the body to suggest the weight of the cross follow by prickly objects placed on the skin for the crown of thorns.


5. Greig - Morning from Peer Grynt - Best-of Classical Music.mp3

Roll stones over the body to represent the stone being rolled away and Jesus rising.

6. Jubilate Deo (Taizé Chant).mp3

Wrap children in white sheets to continue the link to Easter - rest and reflect.

Make an Easter card for someone you love


There are some lovely examples of Easter cards that your children may be able to help you create.