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World Book Day

World Book Day is on Thursday 5 March 2021. 


At school we will be dressing in our pyjamas and reading a story called Mr Wolf's pancakes. 


Maybe you could share the story with your children at home, here is a video of the story.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

Activities to support the text


You could create some pancakes with your children. 


You can find a good recipe here:

When you are making your pancakes, as you place the ingredients into the bowl also place some on your children's tray and allow them to explore the ingredients as you cook.

As you cook the pancakes you could use words like hot, brown, round, flat to describe what they look like. 


When the pancakes are ready to eat allow your child to explore the pancake. Add your favourite toppings. I wonder what you will choose?


You could do some mark making

Mr Wolf wrote a shopping list for his pancake ingredients. Perhaps you could make your own shopping list by making marks on paper, or in flour, or cornflour and water on your tray. 

What kind of marks can you make? Can you open your hands wide and wiggle your fingers to create different marks? What is your favourite thing to use to make marks?


Could you make some sound effects from the story?

Throughout the story there are a number of sounds that could be replicated using voice, body percussion or everyday objects around the house. 

Can you create some sounds that you could use along with the story as you listen?

We would love to see videos of any sound effects you make!