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Touch and Communication

I am adding some music for you so you can do our new Touch and Communication based on the Bear Hunt story.  You will have the resources you need in your home packs - you'll just need a bit of water, a metal spoon and a blanket at home.  Your parents will have the instructions in your home packs too but I will explain here as well so you will have everything in one place.


First, find a comfortable relaxing place that is nice and warm.  Bare arms and legs work best and it is good to be able to get to your tummy and back so you can feel things there.  Get settled and you are ready to go.


A few minutes is enough for each object - a normal song length is plenty.  Some of the recordings are long so about 3 minutes is more than enough for these before you move on but there is no time limit - carry on as long as you want to. Feel the music and move in time with it.

1.Bluegrass American Classics - Tennessee River Authority.mp3

Green ribbons - pull the green ribbons over the skin in time to the music (3 mins)

2.Strauss _ The Blue Danube Waltz.mp3

Dab a wet sponge onto the skin, adjust the speed as the music changes. (3 mins)

3.Mother Nature (folk-pop song, composed by Miguel Berkemeier).mp3

Take the roll and roll it over arms, leg, back and tummy. (Whole song)

4.Hippopotamus Song (Mud, Glorious Mud).mp3

Squash the dough against the skin in time to the music. (Whole song)

5.Harry Potter edit.mp3

Rub the cold spoon in circles on the skin. Speed up and slow down as the music changes. (3 mins)

6.Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2 - Andante.mp3

Cuddle up in a blanket and relax together. (Whole song)