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Therapeutic Dance - Nicky Frewin

Therapeutic Dance


Nicky comes to school on a weekly basis to work with children on a class by class basis. 

She supports pupils to move their bodies to music and empowers the adults working with classes to support pupils in positions that are different, exciting, and engaging. 


When pupils dance in Nicky's sessions we often see an increased level of communication - a clear sense of what the pupils like, and don't like; and anticipation about what is coming next. 


There is a level of reciprocal engagement to the sessions - 'I do it to you, and then you do it to me' - so that the pupils have control over elements of the session. 


Nicky has kindly supported us by providing video of movements she uses in the sessions. 


Put on some music your child is not familiar with, alternatively there are two videos of music Nicky uses in her sessions included below. Your children should associate these with dance.


Have a go, and have fun!


Maria Gadú - "Shimbalaiê"

Låpsley - Painter

Gentle Rocking

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Therapeutic rocking from side to side. Make sure you’re comfortable with your hands supporting you before using your legs to sway right to left

Cradled Rocking

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Hold your child as if you are cradling a baby. Sit cross legged and rock them using your knees to support


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Lay your child over your legs, and hold their hands or forearms (taking care to avoid holding your child at joints). Row backwards and forwards as shown in the video.

Swaying in a blanket

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This exercise will require two adults.
Lay your child length ways on the blanket. Each adult should take the two corners at the end of the blanket closest to them. Take your child's weight and then lift slightly from the ground. Sway your child from side to side.
Remember to watch your child's reactions, and stop if they look uncomfortable.