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Sensory story

We have included the video of Michael Rosen telling the story, for you to use along with some suggested resources to help you tell the story with your child. 

You might find that Michael tells it a little fast, it is okay to pause the story until your child has had time to explore the sensory resources that you have offered to your child to accompany the story. 

Alternatively if you have the story at home you may be able to share it with your child yourself. 

🐻 We're Going On a Bear Hunt 🐻

Story Suggested Resources
We're going on a...(Repeated refrain) Tap Rhythm on a drum/tambourine/table

Uh oh Grass!....

We can't go...(Repeated refrain)

Grass from your garden/green paper cut into strips to explore

uh oh, a River...

We can't go...(repeated refrain)

Cold/icy water to explore with hands/feet

uh oh, mud...

We can't go...(repeated refrain)

soil from the garden/brown food stuff - chocolate custard works well

uh oh, a forest...

We can't go...(repeated refrain)

Leaves cut from trees/ plants in the garden for your child to explore

uh oh, a snowstorm...

We can't go...(repeated refrain)

Use some paper rolled up to make snowballs to throw, you may have some artifical snow left over from Christmas, or shaving foam to experience

Uh oh, a cave...

We can't go...(repeated refrain)

make the room dark

What's that?

One shiny wet nose

Two furry big ears

Two big googly eyes


A wet sponge
A furry teddy
Touch your child's face near their eyes
It's a bear! Teddy to feel
Into bed A blanket/ duvet cover to hide underneath