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School Values

Our Values and Vision


The core purpose of Lady Zia Wernher School is to enable all children to enjoy their learning, to make progress and to achieve in every facet of their education and life.


At Lady Zia Wernher School we believe:

  • All children should have access to a rich and varied curriculum that stimulates and challenges them.
  • A high level of experienced and motivated staff will facilitate children to make progress.
  • That by working in partnership with parents and carers we can maximise learning opportunities for our children
  • That the use of effective learning environments both within the school site and beyond will provide a broad, balanced, appropriate and challenging curriculum for every child in the school.
  • That every child should feel valued and their achievements celebrated both in school and beyond.
  • Learning should be fun!


We promote British Values through:

  • Creating an environment where children and staff are continuously learning together.
  • Striving to meet the needs of all pupils and staff, regardless of racial origin, colour, religion, gender or orientation. Every member of Lady Zia Wernher School is held to be of equal value.
  • Fostering a sensitive, informed attitude amongst pupils and staff thereby creating a caring atmosphere in which diversity can flourish.
  • Encouraging children to contribute positively both in school and in society.
  • Celebrating achievement with parents and the community, both in school and through social media.
  • Developing curiosity by delivering a curriculum that encourages pupils to embrace new experiences.
  • Encouraging independence – working as individuals but also developing skills such as listening, sharing, tolerance and respect which enable children to work together.
  • Providing an environment where children feel happy, safe and can achieve their full potential.