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Outdoor Bear Hunt

Karen has been on her own bear hunt outdoors. You could watch this video and then maybe you could go on your own bear hunt with your family when you take your daily exercise. 


I wonder if you can find a river, some mud, some grass and a forest to explore.

Karen's Bear Hunt Walk.mp4

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Can you add to the outdoor bear hunt?

Now that you have had the opportunity to go on an outdoor bear hunt, maybe you could try making up your own additional verses to the bear hunt story. 


Your mum's and dad's could help you record them, and we could add them to the website!


Here are some ideas that you might want to try:

  • Use accessories, such as a cardboard tube, to make sounds
  • Going down a slide, or playing on a swing at the playground - “Weeeeeeeee”
  • Under a bridge or in a tunnel - "echo, echo, echo”
  • On to a bus - “beep beep, beep beep”
  • Walking through autumn leaves - “rustle, rustle, rustle” 


I wonder if there is anything different that you can think of together?