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EYFS week beginning 8th February 2021

Welcome to the Early Years Class pages. 

We hope you and all your family are safe and keeping well. 

Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support children while they are learning at home we will be regularly updating this page with activities linked with our current topic.

We would also love to see your children's work and hear about how they are doing. 

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It's time to say "hello"

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We love to say hello as a group in class and we can say hello in many different ways. What is your favourite way to say hello?
This video is an example of one of the ways we like to say hello in class.

What is the weather?

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What is the weather doing today? Maybe just look through the window, go outdoors or maybe finds some items around the house to explore sensory materials and rhymes. We have included a video to show one of our weather activities.

Perhaps use a cup with some water to splash like rain.
Use some material to make things seem foggy when you try to look through.
Find something from the freezer to experience snow/ice.
And maybe use a torch (being careful to not shine a light directly towards eyes) but through a piece of orange/yellow paper. to represent the sun.

What is the day?

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What day is it today? Using the days of the week language and having routines supports our pupils to know what might be happening today?

We also like to link objects to the days on the week.
Musical Monday - we shake bells
Tickly Tuesday - experiencing a tickle perhaps with a feather.
Windy Wednesday - using a fan, folded paper to create wind.
Thundery Thursday - making a thundery sound by banging on the table.
Funny Friday - Have a good giggle!! What makes you laugh on funny Friday?

This term we are exploring traveling in different ways.

We will be finding out how boats may travel to China, trains could travel through Pakistan, a bus may move around England and also aeroplanes that might travel to Africa. 


The sensory activities, rhymes, movement and stories will offer a variety of ways for our children to experience how we may travel and what we might find on our adventures to different locations? 


'This week we start to take a trip to China on a boat'.

I wonder what you will like or dislike about boats? 

What adventures will you have as you journey?

What will be you favourite experiences and what did you learn?


There are a variety of activities to follow giving the children a multi-sensory learning experience in all areas of the Early Years Curriculum.......


Sign of the week


This weeks sign is.....boat!


2. Sign for the week Boat.mp4

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 Attention activity


Boats sailing on the deep blue water. Can you see the blue water and hear it as it pours, swirls and splashes?

Attention Activity

Still image for this video


Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker

This is one of the stories that we would like to share with our pupils.

This is a story to share about a special Chinese festival.

Bringing in the New Year Book



Sound Play (Phonics)


Using a tray, plate, the table can you pour salt, rice, pasta etc. onto surface and make marks through moving your hands/feet in the stimuli.........


Making Marks (Writing)



Personal, social and emotional (PSED).

We have all had lots of fun washing our hands in school.  It has always been very much part of our regular routines in school.  Here are some of the songs we use when we wash our hands.


Expressive arts an design.

Art Activities


There are a few ideas that you could choose to work on with your child.  I understand that some materials may not be available at home.  If we can support with learning materials such as paper, glue etc. please send me an email.


  • Making Chinese lanterns
  • Making boats from fruit slices, from plastic bottles, using foil etc.
  • If you have access to any big cardboard boxes your child could decorate and create a boat which they can experience being inside/outside.  Another idea could be to create a boat using a laundry basket or standing up pillows around you etc.
  • If you have access to paint, and chop sticks?  Have fun using chopsticks to paint with.




Sensory Firework Bottles


You will need

  • A bottle
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil/baby oil
  • Food colouring
  • Effervescent tablets (Steradent tablets)


  1. Fill the bottle with one third water
  2. Top up the bottle with about two thirds oil (leave a bit of space at the top of the bottle to allow for the ‘fizz’).
  3. Add your choice of food colouring and watch what happens.
  4. (The food colouring sinks through the oil and mixes with the water at the bottom).
  5. Add the effervescent tablet and let the ‘fizz’ begin.
  6. The tablet makes the water fizz which disrupts the oil and spreads pretty colours and bubbles throughout the mixture!
  7. To make the bottle safe for play, you will need to fasten the lid on with strong glue or tape.  The effect is less dramatic but still works.



Rainbow bottle



Note – due to small items being added to this sensory bottle.  Full adult supervision is required for this activity.

What you need:


Plastic bottle/container with a lid.

Various coloured ribbons.

A choice of either beads, buttons, pasta, rice, lentils or something similar.

Something sharp (e.g. screwdriver) to poke a hole in lid.

Strong glue or tape.



Give opportunity for choice making.  What coloured ribbons are liked? What do you want to put in the bottle?

Pour (using a jug or funnel) or work on those fine motor skills and place the small items into bottle.  You could count as you add the items.

Place the lid on a hard non slip surface and using a screwdriver or similar poke a hole into the top of the lid (Be careful)!  Thread the ribbons through the hole and tie a knot.  If this is not possible the ribbons can be stuck onto the outside on the lid.

Screw the lid onto the bottle and (either add strong glue inside the lid or tape the outside of lid).

Have fun making sounds, movements and lots more……….

Dance to music.

Shaking up high/ down low.

Shaking fast/shaking slow.

Hide the shaker under a box or scarf….. Where has it gone?


Music Activities


Dancing and making music to celebrate 'The Chinese New Year'.  Perhaps find something red (t-shirt, scarf, towel)  You could dance along to the music with your material.  Or if you had time to make your dancing ribbons or firework bottle you could use these.




Using paper plates or card.  Decorate in red and gold if possible. Fill in between the 2 plates with pasta, rice or similar.  Attach plates together and then you have created a shaker.


If you have access to red paper and a straw.  Cut into a rectangle. fold over the top and draw a dragon face.  Attach a straw and other materials hanging down to make your dragon come to life when you dance.  Have Fun!


  • Maths play – containers with various objects e.g. (spoons, pasta, pinecones etc.)  Activity could include: putting objects in, pouring out, counting, or hiding under/in/behind/on.


Number Rhymes

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Here are some fun boat themed snack ideas

Accessing Computing

Colourful Sensory images

'Rainbow', a colourful animation, with music

Physical Development.

Row Row Row Your Boat Nursery Rhymes - Visual Stimulation

High-contrast color animation with nursery rhymes music that will captivate your child's attention, encourage visual and auditory skills.

Chinese New Year Song

Dancing Ribbons


Making your dancing ribbons:


  1. Using your curtain ring (or another circular item e.g. hoop etc.) spend time exploring, holding, dropping etc.
  2. Talk about how it is a circle and follow with fingers, hands, toes going around and around the shape.
  3. Give opportunity for making a choice of coloured ribbon and tie each choice on to the ring securely.
  4. Talk about the colours, how long the ribbon is, what does it feel like? Which is your favourite colour?

Now let’s have more fun with our dancing ribbons: 

  • Making different movements – swaying, wriggling, moving fast, and moving slow….
  • Holding and dropping.
  • Making the ribbons dance up high and down low.
  • Move in time with music.
  • Move along to our festival rhymes.


Sensory Activities

Colourful Spaghetti

Remembering time to relax!  Take care and we hope to see you all back in school soon.