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Orchid Class 2022

This term EYFS has a topic called 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'.


For Orchid class this topic is including work around weather, seasons, colours and friendships. 


We are currently following a story called Pete the Cat loves his white shoes By Eric Litwin.

Later we will explore other stories including How the crayons saved the rainbow, When Spring came and Elmer the elephant.


Please enjoy sharing the stories and activities with your child whilst learning from home.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Story by Eric Litwin, Art by James Dean, Edited by Stephen Lentz, Music & Narration from HarperCollins Children's Book

Pete the Cat I love my white shoes | Fan's animated Book

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Wednesday is our day for Physical Development activities.

We have been working on our fine motor skills through play, rainbow sensory trays, colouring topic linked images and lots more. 

To work on our large motor skills we have been swimming and exploring dance.  

Through dance we move our bodies in different ways to pieces of music and use colourful materials and other props.


If you would like to share some of your child's favourite ways to dance and what type of music you enjoy we would love to hear from you.


Here are so ideas of how you may warm up and then dance:


Start by finding your feet? Are you wearing shoes? Maybe you could take off your shoes for dance........


Warm up – We use different pieces of music/rhymes.  (Some videos are included on class page)

  1. ‘My body’ – Encourage your child to find different parts of their body through the rhyme 'Head shoulders knees and toes.
  2. ‘Stretching’ – Supporting or encouraging to stretch (fingers, hands, arms, legs etc.)I can sing a rainbow (signing Makaton colours and stretching to make a rainbow shape) …..
  3. ‘Reaching’ – encourage your child to reach/grasp arms up above, down and to the sides. (The sun has got his hat on or peekaboo – coloured scarf on head to reach up etc.)
  4. ‘Stamping’ – Getting their feet moving, stomping on the ground or a drum etc. (“I hear thunder, I hear thunder…….”


Getting ready to dance

  • My own moves - Use music for your child to make preferred movements with support and independently.  If available dance using colourful scarves, cloths, or bubbles during this dance.
  • Making sounds with your feet - Moving their feet/hands to a beat. (you could clap a beat or use music).
  • Find a dance partner – Encourage your child to dance with you or someone else to make movements together.  For example, moving side to side, up and down or spin around.


Cool down

Remember to give your child the opportunity to cool down and relax after their dance. 

Calming music could be played, room could be darkened slightly (and then perhaps have a well deserved refreshment).



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When you have finished dance it could be the perfect time to find your own shoes.

Which ones are yours? (amongst other shoes)

What colour are your shoes?

What is your favourite colour shoes? Can you find anything else the same colour?

What do the feel like?

Are they big? Are they small?

How do you put them on?


A Pete the Cat colouring sheet

Sensory Rainbow writing tray.

Use a baking tray or similar.

Place a colourful page of magazine, colour in paper with rainbow colours or similar.

Add flour, salt, icing sugar or similar.

Encourage your child to make marks with their hands, feet, pencil, straw etc.