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EYFS week beginning 22nd February 2021

Welcome to the Early Years Class pages. 

We hope you and all your family are safe and keeping well. 

Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support children while they are learning at home we will be regularly updating this page with activities linked with our current topic.

We would also love to see your children's work and hear about how they are doing. 

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Best Regards from the EYFS team.



If you would like to watch the hello songs or other daily routine songs you can still access them on the previous EYFS pages.


Our topic this term is Sail Away and so far we have explored planes flying through Africa and boats sailing around China. For the next three weeks we will be going on trains to travel through Pakistan! The sensory activities, rhymes, movement and stories we have used so far have offered a variety of ways for our children to experience how we may travel to different countries and find out about them and we will continue with this with Pakistan and trains.



This weeks sign is 'train'.



Still image for this video


We will be reading books about Trains. Look back soon and we will have uploaded the story of the week.


Sing along to songs on youtube such as:


Using the template attached below create a train ticket. Encourage independent mark making.



  • See the word document; Maths Massages songs, at the bottom of the page. Whilst you sing the songs to your child you can carry out massage actions on them to match.
  • If you have a train set add carriages and count how many carriages there are after each addition.
  • Give your child different sized containers and some rice. Encourage them to explore it by filling and emptying the different containers.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


  • Feel the heat! – think about the weather. In Pakistan it is hotter than in England. Explore a number of different items that are warm, e.g hot water bottle, microwavable wheat bags, fan heater, hair dryer, warm water in a bowl/foot spa, etc. You could also explore cold items, such as ice cubes, cooler water in the foot spa, ice lollies, frozen paint cubes etc as a contrast.
  • If you have a train track put it together and push trains around. Have a whistle to blow, tap out a train on a track sound "clickety clack" and make noises with your mouth "choo choo" "clickety clack".
  • Watch the video; Pakistan Railways | Beautiful Mountain RailRoad in Pakistan | Train Travel 2019 Pakistan tourism Hear the noises the train makes, see the beautiful country, and try not to get travel sick from the camera work as it is bit bumpy on a moving train.

EAD - Expressive Arts and Design


  • Colour in pictures of trains. There are some you can print at the bottom of this page.
  • Use sponges to create a train and fingertips to add wheels and smoke for a steam train.



  • Create a train out of 'junk'. Any recycling you have in the house. Encourage your children to explore the objects and choose what they want to use. Sellotape it together, glue it, rip it, bend it, colour it - whatever they want to do. 



  • Mehndi Painting – add food colouring to water. Children choose a colour, and the adult gently makes ‘Mehndi’ style patterns on your child's hands. Listen to relaxing traditional Pakistani music, such as Sitar music. 



  • Make a kite. During the spring festival; Basant, kites are flown to celebrate. See the document attached at the bottom for 1 way to make a kite or make one your own way using what you have at home. 
  • Listen and dance to traditional music. Children can explore and use beautiful fabric and scarves, if you have some at home, to support their dancing.

Sitar music – Try Farhan Rais Khan ‘Seher’ on Youtube.

Tabla drums – Have you got a wooden surface the children can tap, wooden spoons they can tap together or any wooden drums/instruments?  Try Rupak Taal, Wizard of Tabla by Ustad Zakir Hussain.

Punjabi folk music – Try 21 Great Folk Songs of Punjab on YouTube.

Bhangra dancing – listen to Bhangra music and watch the dancers.

PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

PSED is taught throughout the day; during break times as well as lessons.

There are so many activities you can do at home that you wouldn't even realise are teaching and learning. 


  • If you have toy trains - get them dirty, for example cover in paint, and then encourage your child/ren to clean them in a bowl with water and soap.
  • Clear their plates - support your child to take their plate and cutlery to the sink to be washed or bring the washing up bowl to them. Do this after every meal or any cookery activities.
  • Practice their dressing and undressing skills; taking their socks off, pulling their trousers up, pulling their top off of their head.
  • Encourage your children to tidy their own toys away!



PD - Physical Development

Whilst it is hard at the moment to go out there are still ways you and the whole family can stay active:


  • See the document: Rhythm Kids, attached at the bottom of this page, and complete the actions with your child as you sing.
  • If you have a trampoline or a trampette use it every day! This is great exercise. If you haven't got one practise jumping from one spot to another or just on the spot.
  • Play a game of cricket. Fun for all the family. If you don't have a bat use a sauce pan!
  • Checkout Nicky Frewin's therapeutic dance page in the class pages and see if you can do some of the same movements.
  • Ball rolling. A turn taking game, great to encourage social skills. Everyone in the house can get involved in this.