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Hello everyone!


We hope you are all OK. Please tell the children that we are missing them as every week goes by. Hopefully new lockdown rules mean you can get out of the house more but for those times you are at home I have put new activities below in keeping with the topic in the summer term.


Remember: if you have any photos or videos of your child that you would like to share with us then please send them to:


Stay Safe

Sam and the Iris Class team.




  • Remember that the wonderful Singing Hands is on daily at 10.30am, Monday to Friday, on Youtube or Facebook.
  • The book we would be focusing on if we were at school together is:


Faster Faster Little Red Train by Benedict Blathwayt


  1. You can read this together on youtube using the link above or use the powerpoint version below. 
  2. You could tap out the story on your dining table creating the rhythm a train.
  3. Set out chairs in a line and read the story while acting it out. You can be the characters from the story; getting on and off.


  • You can also read lots of other train related stories such as Thomas the tank engine, Terrific Trains,  and others. I have copied some links to youtube versions.


  • Create a train using your dining room chairs and go on a train journey. Where will you go? Create a space in the garden to visit. For example put out sand and water and a blanket to create a trip to the beach. When it's time to go remember to catch the train back! Don't forget you need a train ticket for the journey. The template is attached at the bottom.


  • If your child is being particularly vocal or making noises with their hands or feet; copy them! See what their reaction is. Keep copying them for short sessions of 2-5 minutes or longer if they/you wish! We do this in school a lot. It's called 'Intensive Interaction'. 


Fine motor/handwriting/art

  • Put on some relaxing music, turn the lights down low and give your child a hand massage.
  • Have a bowl or tray with sand, shaving foam, or other things and hide objects for your children to find and place in a separate bowl. 
  • Make a play dough  train.
  • Colour in pictures of trains.

  • If you have a train toy; dip the wheels in paint and run the train round a piece of paper to create train tracks.



  • Make a postcard. Draw the picture on the front, colour in and mark make a message on the back. I have added a template.


  • Use sponges to create a train and fingertips to add wheels and smoke for a steam train



  • Create a train out of 'junk'



  • If you have an iPad download paint apps and let your child draw on them. You can screenshot their work to save it and email it to me!​​​​​​​
  • Here are some shoe box activities you can create at home.





  • See the word document; Maths Massages songs.
  • If you have a train set add carriages and count how many carriages there on.
  • Look at full and empty; give your children several containers and then water, cereal, pasta (anything really). Get them to fill and empty the containers. Tell them which is which: that container is full... that container is empty.
  • Count how many flowers there are in your garden or when out for a walk.
  • Have a tea party and make sure you have the correct number of cups, plates, cakes etc!
  • Sorting socks by colour; children match their socks. 
  • Match shoes to make pairs.
  • Sort between two different objects e.g. shoes and socks, spoons and forks, cars and wooden bricks. 
  • Make sandwiches and cut them in 2 and then 4. Count how many sections there are.


PSHE/Life Skills

  • Make fruit salads. Children choose the fruit they want in it.
  • Washing up. If they have used it they should clean it! Encourage them to take their washing up to the bowl as well, especially after meal times.
  • Practice their dressing and undressing skills; taking their socks off, pulling their trousers up, pulling their top off of their head.
  • Encourage your children to tidy their own toys away!
  • Make a family book: create a collage/painting of themselves as a cover for their family book, add pictures of the family in. 
  • When on your walks, practise crossing the road. 


Physical Education

  • Now that the Government have changed some of the lockdown rules; go for more walks and short visits to the park. Remember to still keep a safe distance from others.
  • Checkout the dance page in the class pages.
  • If your child has a physio programme from the physiotherapists, hopefully you will have a copy at home. Complete your child’s exercises every morning.
  • See the attached document: Rhythm Kids and complete the actions with your child as you sing.
  • Ball rolling. A turn taking game, great to encourage social skills. Everyone in the house can get involved in this.
  • Have you got a trampoline? Daily jumping sessions will be great! If not just encourage jumping on the spot.
  • Try these exercise videos on Youtube



  • Print out pictures of different rooms in your house. Show your child each photo and see if they can find the room you have shown them.
  • Hide a toy in a different room; show the children the picture of the room; do they go to the correct room to find the toy?



  • Check out these two Youtube videos. They have some lovely sensory  ideas you can try at home.



  • Have a picnic on the carpet or in the garden in the sunshine.

  • Blow bubbles; or remember you can make your own by using a whisk, a bowl of water, and some washing up liquid.
  • Make sand foam: Add 3 cups of sand to the tray. Gradually add the shaving cream and combine using hands. Add more shaving cream until desired consistency is made.
  • Make coloured ice cubes and let children explore on a hot day.
  • Make up a tray of cornflour. Add drops of food colour and let your children get the hands in.
  • Make musical instruments.


  1. You can make shakers out of bottles by pouring different things like pasta, cereal or seeds inot different bottles and securing the lids tightly.
  2. You can make guitars by cutting a hole in a shoe box or using an empty tissue box and wrapping elastic bands around it.
  3. Or make a drum using taping several pringle tins together. Secure thelids so they cant be taken off and lost and use wooden spoons as drumsticks. 

Here's some that other people have made.