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The school and grounds provide a stimulating environment and children at Lady Zia Wernher School take part in all sorts of activities, just take a look.....

10/10/18- Today in our Communication Group the children told stories and chatted to each other using their High Tech Communication Aids. They took it in turns to make each other laugh with their funny stories. They shared their news which included visiting the circus and going on an aeroplane. Well done! Communication Leads: Alison Tompkins & Yvonne Harrison.

27/6/18- It was party central in LZW as we had Eid celebrations going on with classes being invited to other classes to take part in the festivities. There was music, dancing, cooking, henna' painting, colourful clothes and of course food!👌

It was our Spring assembly on Friday and it was all about new beginnings. The children have worked extremely hard all week, making beautiful garlands that were hung up in the hall in time for the assembly. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos below. 
Picture 1 Class friends
Picture 2 Nursery Swing
Picture 3 Swirly Sensory Corner
Picture 4 Blue skies
Picture 5 Balance bikes
Picture 6 Hop on tour
Picture 7 A Very Hungry Caterpillar
Picture 8 Indoor Cycling
Picture 9 A Very Hungry Caterpillar
Picture 10 Fun in the soft play room
Picture 11 Fun in the soft play room
Picture 12 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 13 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 14 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 15 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 16 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 17 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 18 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 19 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 20 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 21 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 22 Autumn Playtime 2013
Picture 23 Fun on the trampoline
Picture 24 Fun on the trampoline
Picture 25 Fun on the trampoline
Picture 26 Paralympics 2012 throwing the bean bag !
Picture 27 Paralympics 2012
Picture 28 Paralympics 2012 - Athletics
Picture 29 Paralympics 2012 - the stadium
Picture 30 Paralympics 2012
Picture 31 Planting the Olive Tree
Picture 32 Planting the Olive Tree
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35 Bhangra dancing
Picture 36 Bhangra dancing
Picture 37 Bhangra dancing
Picture 38 The Hall set out for a lesson
Picture 39 White Sensory play
Picture 40 Corridor Multi Sensory Installation
Picture 41 Weaving
Picture 42 Music Therapy in the Music Room
Picture 43 Tac Pac in the Soft Play room
Picture 44 Going to class is a Sensory Experience
Picture 45 Multi Sensory Interactive Installation
Picture 46 Ready to ride a bike
Picture 47 Giggling girls
Picture 48 Black and White contrast display
Picture 49 Working together
Picture 50 Watching
Picture 51 Enjoying


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