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                                  One of our stories last term was Kipper's Bathtime.



Here are some ideas for bathtime fun at home.

You will need:


bubble bath   sponge or flannel   a toy duck

 watering can or jug  a smartphone to access the music



Why not try a waterplay session in the kitchen? 




Here are some suggestions to make it more manageable!  

  • Put a bath towel on the table or on the floor and place a bowl of water in the middle.
  • Only half fill the bowl.
  • Undress your child so they are just wearing pants and a vest, or their swim clothes.
  • Put out a selection of things that your child can choose from to play with in the water.

plastic or metal cups and spoons


waterproof toys

nice smelling liquid soap

                   Why not make the most of a rainy day by going outside together?



  • Dress up warm and wear boots or strong shoes.
  • Stamp through the puddles.
  • Watching and listening to the rain from underneath an umbrella is fun, but make sure you have the chance to feel the drops of rain on your face and hands.

Make a Bubble Snake


You will need:                                                

  • plastic drinks bottle with the bottom cut off
  • flannel or piece of cloth
  • rubber band
  • dish with a little diluted washing up liquid

Use the rubber band to secure the flannel over the end of the bottle.

Dip it into the dish of washing up liquid.

Blow through the top of the bottle.

If you would like to keep in touch please use the email: 

Please send us any ideas or any pictures of what you have been doing whilst you are learning from home, and let us know if you are happy for us to share these with the other children from Daisy Class and their families.

One of our stories this term has been Peace At Last.



If you have a copy of the book, or want to buy one, then it’s a great story for cuddling up together and reading out loud.  Try reading it each day through the week.  If you have other young children, they will enjoy being a part of story time too.  Older children could read the story to the younger ones.

If you don’t have the book, use this link to see it and hear it being read aloud:

Here are some ideas to make the most of the story:

  • Collect together things that are in the story and use them next time you read it.                   Do you have a teddy bear (or 3)?   an aeroplane?   a cat?   a clock?




  • Make the noises – the children love to hear Mrs Bear snoring!
  • Go for a walk in the garden, or down the street.  Can you see or hear any birds or animals?  What else can you hear?


  • Use this art idea for your child to make circles.



 Cut a kitchen roll tube into 3 pieces.


        Dip into paint.


        Print onto paper.




Once the paint has dried, can someone else in your family turn the circles into things from the story? 

A teddy bear face/ the wheels of a car/ the alarm clock?

  • Make sure you finish with ‘a nice cup of tea’!


Have Fun together!