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EYFS week beginning 15th March 2021

Welcome to the Early Years Class pages. 

We hope you and all your family are safe and keeping well. 

Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support children while they are learning at home we will be regularly updating this page with activities linked with our current topic.

We would also love to see your children's work and hear about how they are doing. 

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Sail away


We have boarded an airplane to Africa, sailed on a boat to China and hopped on a train to explore Pakistan. Now it's time to take a seat on the bus to travel back  to England to visit the seaside.





Sign of the week


This weeks sign is bus.



Still image for this video



This story is called "Sun, Waves and Ice-cream". 


Sand, sea and icecream.mp4

Still image for this video

Sound play (phonics)

There are lots of different things to hear when you go out and about. I wonder how many of these sounds you can recognise?

Mark making (writing)




      Tea leaves on silver foil                          wet or dry sand                                        melted ice cream




Shape, space and measure  




Let's build a sand castle. If you do not have sand don't worry, why not build flour castles instead? 

Have fun filling and emptying your buckets or pots. 

How many castles can you build?

Can you make different sized castles? which one is the biggest and which is the smallest?


We would love to see photographs of your castles. You can share them with your class teacher using the email address at the top of this page.








Five Little Sandcastles

You could sing this while building your own castles and have fun 'splatting' one each time the waves roll in!

Ten Little Buses

Understanding the World



Double Decker Bus

Come for a ride on a double decker bus.

Let's go to the seaside


What will we need to take with us?

If you have any of these items at home, explore them together and have fun packing them all into a large bag.



                 A ball                                                            A blanket                                    Sun cream

  (can you roll, throw and catch it?)                                                      (How does it feel?)                                       (How does it smell?)


                  Sunglasses                                           Bucket and spade                                     Sun hat

          (Do things look different?)                                             (what sounds can you make?)                                      (How do you look?)


Time for a picnic 


It is fun to have a picnic when you go for a day out at the seaside. Why not have a picnic at home. What will you pack?

Here are some yummy recipes you may like to try...


Sounds of the seaside

Listen to the sounds of the seaside.
Can you hear the waves as they roll onto the sand and the seagulls as they fly high in the sky?

Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

Expressive Arts and Design


Have a go at making your own bus. You can use lots of things around your house to make your bus. Here are some ideas...





What will yours look like?

Make an Ocean Drum                                


You can hear the sea wherever you are with an ocean drum. Have a go at making your own.


You will need:     

A container with a lid (preferably clear)

Materials to decorate your container - Paint/pens/colouring pencils/glue and glitter/stickers

Rice to go inside 



Try putting different materials inside. Does it make a different sound?

You could try.....






Physical Development


Why not go for and walk and explore your local park. I wonder if you will see a bus on your journey?


Have fun moving your body to these action songs...


Wheels on the Bus

.Can you stamp your feet and march just like the Grand Old Duke of York?

London Bridge is Falling Down Song