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EYFS week beginning 15th March 2021

Welcome to the Early Years Class pages. 

We hope you and all your family are safe and keeping well. 

Lady Zia Wernher will be supporting learning a little differently for now. To support children while they are learning at home we will be regularly updating this page with activities linked with our current topic.

We would also love to see your children's work and hear about how they are doing. 

Please feel free to email us with updates and pictures or videos at: 


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Best Regards from the EYFS team.

Our Hello

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This is an example of a Hello activity that we enjoy in class. Each morning we sing this song and your child can be encouraged to point to themselves when saying 'me'!

Mirror play is so much fun!

What day is it today?

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What's the weather like today?

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Why don't you have a look out of a window or go outside. What is the weather doing? is it raining, windy or is it snowing?

Dear Zoo.......

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During this terms topic we are exploring travelling to different places by different modes of transport. Come with us as we take a bus ride around England,  sail all the way to China, fly in an aeroplane to Africa and journey around Pakistan on a train!

The sensory activities, stories, rhymes and songs that you will find here, offer a variety of ways to support your child to experience how we may travel to different countries and find out all about them while we are there!