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Introduce activity by saying “It’s time for Tacpac massage”.

Children will need to be sitting on chair, facing adult if possible, with their shoes and socks off, arms and legs exposed.  (Jumper off but joggers could be rolled up to knees).


What you will need: 

Resources are available in the resource packs provided by Lavender Class.

Fan – this can be a folded bit of card.

Small mop

Wooden Spatulas

Play the video below




Before each track of the music the movement will be briefly explained, e.g. tapping with fingertips.

Only do the movements when the music is playing as this heightens the expectations and anticipation of the pupils. 


Adults should be looking for responses from the children.

  • Showing pleasure/displeasure
  • Requesting more/stop
  • Listening for the pupils voices during each session.


Some pupils may prefer to the do some of the movements to the adult.



Finish by singing “Tac pac has finished”. 

TAC Part 1_Small.mp4

Still image for this video

TAC Part 2.mp4

Still image for this video