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Easter Activity Update


Hello Bluebell Class

Hoping all is well with you this week.  As promised, here are a few Easter and Springtime activities you can try with your family. I am trying to add some hyperlinks, so wish me luck!


Make the most of the outdoors - 

Build a den in the garden

Throw some sheets or blankets over the washing line and make a den for hiding out in, listening to stories, playing music, or just relaxing.  Have a blanket on the ground to lay on for lovely outdoor adventure for all. 



Make a windchime

Choose some noisy objects to string together to make a wind chime for the garden.  The website is on the photo if you'd like to take a look at more.




Here are some links to different websites with some lovely ideas you can try at home or as a family.

There are lots of Easter and Springtime activities out there at the moment you could try.  Here are a few pictures and some websites to look at for more ideas.  There are plenty more to choose from but here are a couple that have some good ideas.  Pintrest and the Imagination Tree are also good places to look.


NEWSFLASH!  Soundabout, the music charity, are putting on some live music sessions on a Saturday and Tuesday via Facebook.  Here is the link if you would like to join in.


Hope you have fun whatever you decide to choose and make the most of some nice weather.  I hope the links work for you!


Take care everyone and we'll be back with more after the Easter break.


Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhia


Bluebell Class Home Learning Activities

Week 1


Hello everyone, 

Here is the first installment of our Bluebell Class home learning activities for you to try while we are away from school.  


Some of our friends have some things we managed to send home to play with so do enjoy them. We would ask that all of you remember to use your standing frame each day and wear your AFOs and hand splints if you have them. Ask your parents to help you with your stretches each day to keep you moving and make sure you are getting your time to wriggle and move on the floor. 


Here are some fun things you can do with your family for the time being and we will add some more later.

  • Share a story with someone in your family. We have been reading the stories of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Rosie's Walk this term so if you have any stories about farms or insects they might be fun to link with these.  Sensory stories are lovely to read and ones with lots of repetition.


  • Make use of the outdoors - feel the wind and the sun on your face, listen to the birds.  (If going to an open space make sure you stick to the social distancing guidelines). Can you collect anything on your walk - leaves, sticks, flowers - to make a collage with?  You can press these between sheets of kitchen roll under something heavy for a few days to make them easier to stick.


  • Paint a picture together if you have some paint.  I know all of you like to move your hands or feet in paint. Enjoy mixing up the colours.  If you have some scents, add them to the paint for a real sensory experience.


  • Have a hand or foot massage - olive or vegetable oil you might have in the kitchen is perfect. There is a large selection of beautiful calming music on Youtube which you can play during massage.


  • Sensory play with things you find in the kitchen - if you have some cereals, dry rice, flour or cooked up spaghetti that you can spare, these are great to play with.


  •  Sing songs together and make music if you have anything to shake or bang.  If not, make your own with empty containers and things like rice or lentils.  If you have the internet, Singing Hands (the Makaton singers) have lots of songs to sing and sign to and are running some sessions on Facebook and Youtube from Monday 30th March at 10.30.


  •  There are some great websites for ideas to do at home with all the family - Pintrest has some great craft and games and the Imagination Tree is a lovely one for little people.


We will be back soon with some more ideas to keep you busy and learning in our time apart.  In the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves.  We now have a class email address if you would like to tell us what you have been up to or if your parents need to talk to us. Here it is -


Very best wishes from us all

Bluebell Classsmiley



To help you with your vision, our friend Kate from the Visual Impairment team, has given us some apps you might be able to try. Here are the links and what they are for:


This has lists of apps suitable for visually impaired children.


This website is also useful for ideas of keeping little ones with VI busy during their time at home.