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Bluebell Update 22nd January 2021

Hello Bluebells

Haven't we had some strange weather this week!  There has been so much wind and rain (and a little snow) that we haven't been able to go out for many walks.  Today the sun is shining and its very cold but hopefully we can wrap up warm and get out for a bit! 


At my house I can hear the birds singing - we love to watch the birds and put food out for them. May be you could try that at home to see who comes to your garden. One day we had a woodpecker which was very exciting!  Next weekend the RSPB are running the Big Garden Birdwatch where they are asking families to watch the birds in the garden for 1 hour and count how many they see of each type.  My family do this every year and its very interesting to see who comes. If you'd like to join in here is some information.




Today I am going to add some things that your parents might like to use help you at home and some stories I hope you'll enjoy listening to.


Here are some links to some groups that are running some lovely lockdown activities you might want to look at.  Some of these links come from their Facebook pages - they often have live sessions going on or things they have recorded that you can watch later.


This is a link to Making SENse Creative Services.  There are some lovely arty activities here and with demonstrations on how to do them



Our friends at Bamboozle Theatre are also running sessions you can watch and activities to join in with.

You can also find lots of their videos on their Youtube channel along with activities prepared for lockdown.


You can find Soundabout on Facebook and they are posting regularly with hellos, good morning and good night songs so are good for routines, as well as other songs during the day. This website links to their recordings.

Some stories for you!

Today I've chosen two stories by Mick Inkpen we have enjoyed reading at school.  I hope you like them.


Still image for this video

The Blue Balloon.mp4

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Bluebell Update 21st January 2021

Touch and Communication

Hello Bluebells

I hope you are all doing well.  Today I am adding some music for you so you can do our new Touch and Communication based on the Bear Hunt story.  You will have the resources you need in your home packs - you'll just need a bit of water, a metal spoon and a blanket at home.  Your parents will have the instructions in your home packs too but I will explain here as well so you will have everything in one place.


First, find a comfortable relaxing place that is nice and warm.  Bare arms and legs work best and it is good to be able to get to your tummy and back so you can feel things there.  Get settled and you are ready to go.


A few minutes is enough for each object - a normal song length is plenty.  Some of the recordings are long so about 3 minutes is more than enough for these before you move on but there is no time limit - carry on as long as you want to. Feel the music and move in time with it. 






The grass - long green ribbons draped over the skin (play about 3 minutes music)

1.Bluegrass American Classics - Tennessee River Authority.mp3

The water - press a damp sponge against the skin in time to the music (3 minutes)

2.Strauss _ The Blue Danube Waltz.mp3

The forest - roll the tube up, down and across the skin (whole song)

3.Mother Nature (folk-pop song, composed by Miguel Berkemeier).mp3

The mud - squeeze the dough against the skin (whole song)


4.Hippopotamus Song (Mud, Glorious Mud).mp3

The snowstorm - make quick circles and presses with the cold spoon on the skin (music is 5 minutes long so you may want to stop a bit sooner)


5.Harry Potter edit.mp3

Resting - cuddle up in a blanket and relax together! (whole song)

6.Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2 - Andante.mp3


Bluebell Update 15th January 2021



We hope you've had a good week.  This week you will have received your home learning packs with lots of things to do whilst you are at home.  Look out for more coming this week.  Remember, take your time.  There is no hurry to finish all of it.  It will be lovely to see your art work when you come back to school so please save it.


This week we have some more videos to look at.  Karen and Tracy will show you how to do the Bear Hunt massage story and Donna, Asmahan and Gill have recorded a resonance board session for you done using objects you might have at home.


Have fun.  

Bluebell Team



Bear Hunt Massage story..mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Bluebell Class Update January 8th 2021

Hello Bluebell Class

Happy New Year to you all!  We are very sorry that we can't be together, but we all have to stay at home again to keep ourselves safe and well.


Until we meet, the Bluebell Class team will be adding some activities to our webpage that we hope you will enjoy.  We will be adding new things over the next half term so keep looking out for them. Don't forget to look back at the last page for our routines - the Weather Song and Sensology - which you can do every day. Also don't forget your Rhythm Kids workouts we sent last time.


If we were in school, we would be starting a new topic called 'To Infinity and Beyond', which is all about travelling.  The story we will be focussing on this first half term is 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. 


Here is a link for you -  listen to and watch Michael Rosen, the writer of the book, tell you the story.   we think you will like it - he is very funny!!





In our last lockdown, Karen recorded a story about a train journey which you might enjoy watching.  The story has a rhythm you can join in with.    





There are also lots of songs to sing about travelling, here are some links to watch.  Have fun singing along.


The Train Journey




Going on the bus






Going to the Moon!!


At school, we have been busy making some films of activities we would normally be doing if we were together.  This week, Gill has made a video of the number songs you all like to sing.  We hope you have fun joining in with them.  She has also made a video of our sensory story for you.  Look out for the home packs that will be coming out to you shortly.  These will have some resources in for you to explore to go with the story.  When you have got them, stop the film to give you time to explore the materials at each part of the journey, then carry on to the next. In the meantime, have fun listening and watching.  You can find the videos at the end of this week's post.


Before we go, if Mummy or Daddy use Facebook, there are lots of different organisations that are running online sessions or recorded activities for you to share and lots of ideas of things to do at home. We will keep you posted of anything new.  


Here are a few pages to look out for - 

  • Soundabout - for music sessions
  • Making SENse Creative Services Limited - some lovely art activities.
  • Bamboozle - they have had some theatre and drama sessions to watch.
  • Collar & Cuffs Co - award winning sensory and inclusive musical theatre about mental health for early years and those with special needs.  Julia has made some lovely lockdown activities.


Cheerio for now.  Keep safe and we hope you enjoy the activities we have sent so far.  Look out for more coming soon.


Bluebell Class Teamsmiley









Number Songs with Gill.mp4

Still image for this video

Sensory story with Gill..mp4

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Bluebell Home Learning Day 1/12/2020

Hello Bluebell Class

You have all got your learning packs I sent home with you.  Enjoy the workout and we are looking forward to seeing the lovely animals you will be making.


Here are the videos we made at school.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Bluebell Class Summer Update 6


Hello everyone

I hope you are all doing well.  I am enjoying being back at school but missing you all!


I can't believe we are already in July and coming up to the Summer holidays.  Where has the time gone!


I hope you've been enjoying the songs and stories I've recorded for you.  As I'm in school this week I haven't been able to make you a film but I will post you out some other things to keep you busy!  Don't forget to have a look at the earlier pages again and also have a look at what some of the other classes have posted - there is loads going on!





This week I'll add some songs to sing at home all about travelling. At the moment we can't go very far so hopefully these songs will take you in a musical journey!


A train journey


A song about bus trips


Songs about sailing

                                              Row your boat

Over the Sea






Going to the Moon!

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.



I hope you enjoy these songs.  Have fun and stay safe


Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhia smiley


Bluebell Class Summer Update 5

Hello Bluebell Class

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

It has been a bit of a rainy week this week but I hope you have been able to get outside for a while.  We have been watching the birds this week. We have put out lots of bird food and they seem to be very hungry and very noisy!  May be you could try feeding the birds too.  It is lovely to hear them singing in the garden.  


If you want to have a go at making a bird feeder, there are lots of ideas online.  I've added a link below but you can make really easy ones from scooped out oranges and apples and they smell amazing!





I hope you enjoyed the story I recorded for you last time.  This time I thought I would record some songs for you that we sing each day in school.  I know how much you enjoy them!  They are really easy to learn so maybe you could sing them with your families at home.


What's the Weather?

We sing this song every morning and we use objects to represent each type of weather - a white cloth for the cloud, a water sprayer for the rain, a fan for the wind and usually a light up ball for the sun but I have used a torch in this film. This song is really simple and very easy to recreate at home.  At school we like to check outside to see what the weather is doing each day - will you feel warm or cold?  Will you feel the breeze or will you get wet?



'Hello' is one of our favourite sessions.  Here is the song we sing together accompanied by the Autoharp (but we call it the 'Harpsicle' named by Mags - we like that name much better!).  This is another really easy song to sing at home and you can say hello to all the family by adding in their names. I know there will be some of our friends who will love to do some dancing to this song!


I hope you enjoy listening to the songs and look forward to when we can sing them together again.

I will be back soon with some new things to do, but for now, take care and stay safe.


Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhiasmiley


Bluebell Class Summer update 4

Hello Bluebell Class!

I hope you are all had a lovely restful week last week.  It was lovely to have such beautiful sunshine.  My family have been enjoying our evening walks - the daytime has been too hot!  One evening, we spotted some little baby calves with their mummies and we saw some beautiful colours as the sun went down. 





Just before the holidays I gave you lots of things to try out at home which you probably haven't had time to have a go at yet, so this time I am posting something different.


I have videoed myself telling you the story of the Little Red Train.  I have tried to do it

as we would at school.  The story has a rhythm that I am tapping out on my body to represent the rhythm  of the train - you could get mummy or daddy to help you feel the rhythm of the train on your body too.  It has a little rhyme that goes with the tapping that is very easy to learn so you can join in. Listen to it as much as you like - you can listen to it all at once or in little bits.






Here is the link

I hope you like it. 


Take care and stay safe

Karen and Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhia

Bluebell Class Summer update 3


Hello Bluebell Class

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine - it is getting very hot outside today so remember your hat and your sun cream if you are in the garden!


My family have been very busy looking after our allotment.  We have been doing lots of planting, digging and watering this week.  We have lots of flowers on our strawberry patch which means we should have lots of lovely strawberries soon! Yum!  We have been growing lots of seeds too - I wonder if that is something you could with your families?  Maybe you could have a sunflower growing competition to see whose grows the tallest.


Things to try this week

Last time I introduced you to our new stories - Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers and Faster, Faster Little Red Train. 


I have emailed the interactive Katie Morag to your parents today so you can try it at home.  There are some sensory items you will need but they are things you will probably have at home so you won't need anything special.  The story has things to do and music to listen to so I hope you enjoy it!  Have lots of fun!


Katie Morag's Granny Island has a farm with lots of sheep.  In the story, her best sheep (we call her Flossie!) gets herself all covered in mud!!  Granny is very cross because Flossie needs to be lovely and clean for a best sheep competition - so Flossie has to have a bath!      


Perhaps you could try some messy activities at home - get your hands or feet (or both!) messy and then wash them with bubbly water.  You could include sponges and flannels to play with in the water and to feel on your skin.  You could also have some nice soaps or bubble baths to make some lovely smells.  Dry off with a fluffy towel.  This soapy foam activity also looks fun - just be careful with eyes!


If you have some farm animals, maybe you could get them all dirty and give them a wash and a dry. You could also put your farm animals in different materials - straw or soil is good but things like oats and other cereals or cornflour mixed with water are good too.  I add a little cocoa powder to the cornflour to make it look muddy (and it smells lovely)!  Here are some links to give your parents some more ideas.


Perhaps you could make your own sheep at home if you have some craft materials - you could use wool, paint, tissue or anything you may have. Bubble wrap painted white works very well - you use the bubble wrap for your sheep or paint the bubble wrap and take a print of it.  Pintrest has lots of lovely farm animal ideas.



New things to look at this week

Some of our Lady Zia friends now have new pages on the website.

We have a new page from Nicky, our dance teacher.  She has added some videos of some of the dance moves you enjoyed at school for you to try at home with your families.  Take a look!


Eirian, our music therapist has also added a recording for you on the Music Therapy page.  We love our sessions with Eirian so have a look at that too.


New Facebook groups - There is a lovely page of Facebook called Making SENse Creative Services. Caroline makes some lovely crafts that include lots of smells, colours and textures and uses things you can find at home or in the garden.  Definitely worth a look - she made some beautiful spring playdough yesterday with lavender and flower petals.


Time for me to sign off.  Half term holidays are next week so I will be back in a few weeks time with more ideas for you try at home.  In the meantime, I hope you have fun with the new things I've shared with you and enjoy the lovely weather.  Don't forget, we would love to see your photos and videos if you would like to share them.


If you are celebrating Eid this weekend, have a wonderful time.  Eid Mubarak to you all!!


Take care and stay safe

Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhiasmiley


Bluebell Class Summer Update 2

Hello Bluebell Class,

I hope you are all keeping well at home with your families.  The Bluebell ladies are all well and we are thinking about you.  On one of my walks this week, I found lots of bluebells growing in the woods which made me think of you all!


 I hope you are all managing to get outside for a while.  My family have enjoyed walking by the stream near our house and it looks like the fairies have moved in!! There are lots of little doors on the trees.  I haven't seen one yet but will let you know if I do! Someone has also built a lovely home for the bugs on one of the fairy trees.  Maybe this is something you and your family might like to try. You can make one very easily out of an old flower pot and bits of sticks, moss, leaves and rocks you might find in the garden.


This week
On Friday, we will be having a special day to celebrate the end of World War 2.  This is a bit different to all the celebrations planned. We are going to take part in a 'Stay at Home Street Party' with a picnic in our front  garden and we have made red, white and blue decorations.  May be this is something your family might like to do.       .


What's new

If we were at school at the moment we would be working on a topic called 'We're all going on a Summer holiday'. Unfortunately we can't go very far at the moment so it will be fun to do some activities that take us away somewhere different.  Let's start with the seaside - my favourite place!



This term we are reading two new stories - Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers and Faster, Faster Little Red Train.  I will send copies of the massage versions of the stories to your parents on the class email so you can read them together.


I will be in touch again soon with some more things to try at home.  In the meantime, stay safe and keep well.

Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhiasmiley


Summer Term update number 1


Hello Bluebell Class, it's Karen here with another update.  I can't believe we are already in the Summer term!


Hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families and are all keeping well.  Did you get out in the sunshine? Is there anything fun you have been doing?  If you would like to send us some videos or photos to our class email, it would be lovely to see what you are all up to while we are apart.  Please ask your parents if they would mind us sharing any of the photos here so you can show your friends what you have been doing. I am very lucky to live in the country so my family have been going for long walks in the fields.  We have lots of little lambs near our house - they are very cheeky!  We have also been spotting rainbows in the windows on our walks.  If you have made any you'd like to share it would be lovely to see photos of them too.




Here is a picture of the lambs and their mummies we took on our walk.








Happy Birthday Captain Tom!

I think your parents may have had a message from school about a special Happy Birthday message we are planning to record for Captain Tom who you might have heard has raised lots of money to help the doctors and nurses. He is going to be 100 years old! Wow!!   We are asking you and your family to send a little video of you all signing 'Happy birthday Tom' to our school office email if you can.                       

Our clever friends will then put them into a special message for him.  If you or your brothers and sisters would like to make him a special card, there is an address you can send them to.

Captain Tom Moore

c/o Marston Moretaine Post Office

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine, Bedford

MK43 0LA


Some activities to try at home 

For our activities this update, I will add on some things I know you really like to do at school so you can do them at home. I will send some of these by email so remind your parents to check. Thank you Mags for sorting them out for us. Remember, you can do as many or as few as you like. I know some of your parents are already keeping you very busy and active!


Rhythm Kidz workout - It is really important to keep our bodies moving so I will send you the songs and the moves we use at school by email.  Have fun!

Number songs - The words for these are also coming by email. If you have any of the objects we sing about, you can use them too. 


Online resources

You all really enjoy Tac Pac at school and your parents can now get hold of Pack 5 for free on their website.  Here is the link.  To get the pack for free, they will need to use this code  8Q7A3TXS


Story massages are fun too and there are some free resources available online here.

Tac Pac and the Story Massage Programme have Facebook pages where they post updates and activities too.


Have fun and stay safe everyone.  

Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhiasmiley

Easter Activity Update


Hello Bluebell Class

Hoping all is well with you this week.  As promised, here are a few Easter and Springtime activities you can try with your family. I am trying to add some hyperlinks, so wish me luck!


Make the most of the outdoors - 

Build a den in the garden

Throw some sheets or blankets over the washing line and make a den for hiding out in, listening to stories, playing music, or just relaxing.  Have a blanket on the ground to lay on for lovely outdoor adventure for all. 



Make a windchime

Choose some noisy objects to string together to make a wind chime for the garden.  The website is on the photo if you'd like to take a look at more.




Here are some links to different websites with some lovely ideas you can try at home or as a family.

There are lots of Easter and Springtime activities out there at the moment you could try.  Here are a few pictures and some websites to look at for more ideas.  There are plenty more to choose from but here are a couple that have some good ideas.  Pintrest and the Imagination Tree are also good places to look.


NEWSFLASH!  Soundabout, the music charity, are putting on some live music sessions on a Saturday and Tuesday via Facebook.  Here is the link if you would like to join in.


Hope you have fun whatever you decide to choose and make the most of some nice weather.  I hope the links work for you!


Take care everyone and we'll be back with more after the Easter break.


Karen, Mags, Tracy, Lauren and Rhia


Bluebell Class Home Learning Activities

Week 1


Hello everyone, 

Here is the first installment of our Bluebell Class home learning activities for you to try while we are away from school.  


Some of our friends have some things we managed to send home to play with so do enjoy them. We would ask that all of you remember to use your standing frame each day and wear your AFOs and hand splints if you have them. Ask your parents to help you with your stretches each day to keep you moving and make sure you are getting your time to wriggle and move on the floor. 


Here are some fun things you can do with your family for the time being and we will add some more later.

  • Share a story with someone in your family. We have been reading the stories of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Rosie's Walk this term so if you have any stories about farms or insects they might be fun to link with these.  Sensory stories are lovely to read and ones with lots of repetition.


  • Make use of the outdoors - feel the wind and the sun on your face, listen to the birds.  (If going to an open space make sure you stick to the social distancing guidelines). Can you collect anything on your walk - leaves, sticks, flowers - to make a collage with?  You can press these between sheets of kitchen roll under something heavy for a few days to make them easier to stick.


  • Paint a picture together if you have some paint.  I know all of you like to move your hands or feet in paint. Enjoy mixing up the colours.  If you have some scents, add them to the paint for a real sensory experience.


  • Have a hand or foot massage - olive or vegetable oil you might have in the kitchen is perfect. There is a large selection of beautiful calming music on Youtube which you can play during massage.


  • Sensory play with things you find in the kitchen - if you have some cereals, dry rice, flour or cooked up spaghetti that you can spare, these are great to play with.


  •  Sing songs together and make music if you have anything to shake or bang.  If not, make your own with empty containers and things like rice or lentils.  If you have the internet, Singing Hands (the Makaton singers) have lots of songs to sing and sign to and are running some sessions on Facebook and Youtube from Monday 30th March at 10.30.


  •  There are some great websites for ideas to do at home with all the family - Pintrest has some great craft and games and the Imagination Tree is a lovely one for little people.


We will be back soon with some more ideas to keep you busy and learning in our time apart.  In the meantime, stay safe and look after yourselves.  We now have a class email address if you would like to tell us what you have been up to or if your parents need to talk to us. Here it is -


Very best wishes from us all

Bluebell Classsmiley



To help you with your vision, our friend Kate from the Visual Impairment team, has given us some apps you might be able to try. Here are the links and what they are for:


This has lists of apps suitable for visually impaired children.


This website is also useful for ideas of keeping little ones with VI busy during their time at home.