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Bird Watching

RSPB Bird watch


There are lots of birds that visit our gardens all year round. If you sit in your garden you might be able to hear them tweeting, listen carefully and you might be able to hear the different songs that each type sings. 


The RSPB have a special bird watch event which will take place this weekend - 29-21 January.


You might like to spend some time in your garden with your family and see how many different birds you can spot. I wonder if you will spot something exciting like a woodpecker, or a sparrow hawk?

Create and Hang a Bird Feeder


As it has been quite chilly outside the birds might be finding it tricky to find things to eat. Perhaps with your families you might like to try making a bird feeder. 


You might need to include some different items in your weekly food shop to help you make these.


Here is a video to show you how.

How to make bird seed cakes | Grow at Home | Royal Horticultural Society