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Avon Tyrrell 2018

Today was the last day of Avon Tyrell 2018. We have had a wonderful week with wonderful children. We would like to thank the parent's for allowing us to take their children away on such an active and memorable holiday. Each child had new experiences and they all joined in and did amazingly well. We hope they sleep well tonight just as we will.

Day 4- Today, after a very good night's sleep for all, we headed to an otter sanctuary. The weather has been great so it has got to be done, we are now heading for an ice cream!

Day 3- Today we went to the beach. It was a bit of a chilly start but the sun soon came out and we all dipped our toes in the water!!!

Day 2- Our first day of activities. We all had a good night's sleep ( some more than others!!) It was a lazy start to the day with time to relax after our journey down, then the competition began. Archery!!

Avon Tyrell 2018 has begun!! We had a great journey down stopping for lunch before arriving at Burley for an ice cream. We are settling in with dinner now so more updates after a good night's sleep!!!!