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Makaton is a training language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate.  Training courses are available for family members, carers and workers who are interested or need to use Makaton at home or in their work. 

Makaton Beginners

This course provides an introductory workshop for parents and carers who need to use Makaton in everyday situations.  Signing instruction is given including signs to help in practical situations.  Makaton symbols are also included and examples of their use are given.


Makaton Follow-Up

This workshop concentrates on improving and developing signing skills and symbols skills, and develops everyday use of the Makaton programme.


Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First aid course description coming soon...

Emergency First Aid at Work

Our Emergency First Aid at Work Course is HSE approved and includes additional content covering Child CPR. The EFAW Course complies with OFSTED requirements.

Course content covered includes; Principles of First Aid, Vital Signs, Incident Procedure, Treatment of an unresponsive casualty, Treatment of a casualty with a seizure, Bleeding and shock, Basic life support Heart attack, Chain of survival, Basic Life Support Non Heart Attack, Choking, Common medical problems, Accident reporting and Manual handling considerations.


Baby Massage

Infant Massage will introduce you to the wonderful art of bonding with your baby in a relaxing way for both of you. It will provide you to become more confident in all aspects of bonding with your baby.
You will also discover how to:

  • Give your baby relief from colic, trapped wind, constipation, teething pain and muscle tension
  • Help your baby sleep more soundly and for longer
  • Interpret your baby’s signals and body language
  • Stimulate your baby’s nervous system
  • Encourage your baby’s development.

Infant Massage is delivered by Mags, a Qualified International Infant Massage Instructor and is open to Babies aged 0-1year and Special Needs 0-5years.


Parents can offer an enriching environment for their child to learn in, by including singing and fun-time exercises as part of their daily routine. Research shows that they are a powerful learning tool, because singing to babies and children and encouraging them to join in, has a beneficial effect on the development of the brain.

The uses of rhymes, when frequently repeated, play a vital role in the development of language. The beneficial, repetitive element of signing rhymes is further enhances when accompanied by a rhythmical exercises. These can help a child retain their flexibility, gain strength and improve muscle tone; as well as potentially enhancing the development of co-ordination and balance.

When working through the fun-time exercises your baby will have the opportunity to experience play time on the floor, in your arms and balances on your legs. They will be able to see the world from all dimensions and feel what it is like to be turned around, swayed from side to side and lifted up and down. The rhymes and exercises allow you to help your baby learn, develop and play whilst having fun!!!

Rhythm Kids is delivered by Mags, qualified under the Guild of Infant Child Massage.