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Avon Tyrrell: Day 4

This morning we started our adventure on the lake at 10:00am. All the children made it safely onto their boats and had a great time paddling, splashing and exploring the lake. To our surprise the children all stayed in their boats. We found water lilies, insects and some grass floating in the water as we used the oars to move the boat in different directions.


Last night the children enjoyed another walk through the new forest and we were lucky enough to see a rainbow in the distance. We tried our best at a group photo. What do you think of our effort?


This afternoon we visited Brockenhurst Village. We walked along the river and met some donkeys walking around. Some of the children used their schedules to visit the shops and buy some snacks for the journey home.


The children are currently playing in the park until they need to get ready for bed. We will be waking up early to pack and leave for the journey home tomorrow. The children will be looking forward to seeing their families when we return to school tomorrow afternoon.