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Avon Tyrrell: Day 2

Day 2 is nearly finished so we thought we would give an update on today’s events. The morning started with an early rise with some singing of the Hovis advert to wake everyone up. After breakfast we walked down to the climbing wall. The children had a great time making their way up to the top of the mountain guided by Elspeth on the way up.


After Lunch we started our Archery session. The children were fascinated with the adapted bow and were great at pulling the string to fire the arrow. We managed to hit a few golds before our session finished. There was time for some free activities including a walk around the lake.


This evening after dinner we set off for a final walk in the sunshine and an adventure started. Walking up the hill Joe heard a noise. Suddenly a poor foal was below us, stuck in a small ravine. Whilst the children walked back to the lodge Elspeth supported a worker from Avon Tyrrell in rescuing the poor Foal. The pair managed to lift the foal out of the ravine and contact the New Forest Commission who have retrieved the foal as no mother was around for the four-week old horse. A definite adventure for everyone this evening.